Puzzle and Dragons is Japan’s secret recipe of gaming success. It was released in 2012, a year when the biggest stakeholder of mobile gaming was Candy Crush and Pokémon Go was yet to come into existence. Despite its limited marketing and geographic specifications, Puzzle and Dragons rose to the top of gaming charts in all global markets. It is a culmination of Candy Crush puzzles and Pokémon-inspired monsters. It sounds like a simple mash-up but this game took those elements and made it completely it’s own. The player needs to match rows of magic stones that bear the colour of their monster in order to attack the opposing monster. This creative gameplay pulled in 22 million players from around the world, despite being released only in Japan in its initial months. It goes to show how phenomenal concept mashups can be.

FULL NAME:Puzzle And Dragons
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Key Features Of Puzzle And Dragons

Build Your Teams
Delve into the dungeons with the strongest team you can create. You can’t use just one monster to defeat enemies in the pits of hell. This is why you need to build a formidable team. There are a whooping 2000 monsters waiting with bated claws. Choose your initial team wisely and as progress is made, you can add new unlocked ones to your foray.

Puzzle and Dragons Game Review
Download for Windows

Multiplayer Mode
Who says you have to walk into the dungeons alone? Pair up with your friends with their respective monsters and march into the arena with your heads held high. Battle enemies together and reap the benefits that come from collective victory. Embrace the spirit of teamwork over and over again through the fun co-operative gameplay. Two is better than one and this is emphasized throughout this mode.

Juggle The Complexities
As you keep progressing, the game gets more challenging and complex. And not the ‘scratch your head’ kind of complexity. You are bombarded with decisions on which monsters to keep or sell, which upgrades to make and which helpers to take into your team. These decisions are vital to the gameplay and pretty soon, you settle into your role as caretaker of a horde of monsters. And when you do, no one can stop you from emerging as the top ranking player of this monster/puzzle infested game.

How To Download It On PC

Download using Bluestacks

  1. Download this emulator from www.bluestacks.com. Wait a few minutes for the application to install completely on your console.
  2. Launch it after installation ends. Find the play store prebuilt in it. To access its features, you have to sign into Google.
  3. Now you can look up the name in the search bar. Tap it to start download when you find it.
  4. Puzzles and Dragons is now available for play on your system.

Downloading using NoxPlayer

Download for Windows
  1. Download this emulator from www.bignox.com. In another few minutes, your NoxPlayer will install completely on your system.
  2. Download the apk file of Puzzle and Dragons as well.
  3. When Nox opens, find the ‘Add apk file’ option at the bottom. Click it to add your app’s file.
  4. Puzzles and Dragons will be added to Nox’ home screen for your use.

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