Have you ever ever wanted there was a secure way to preserve your reference pics floating and organized whilst you are making art? I recognize I did, and a while ago I stumbled on PureRef even as I was looking at a youtube video wherein a virtual artist turned into citing it. Pureref is a brilliant little program to view and prepare your reference pix. 


It’s relentlessly easy and lets you do exactly what you’ll need to do with reference photographs. There are lots of simple but very useful functions which you want to paint without problems. For starters, you drag and drop images out of your laptop or browser at once into the pureref window. You can add as many images as you need, arranging them manually or robotically, then keep your arrangement as a . Pur file so you can open it later. This additionally includes the opportunity to embed the real pix inside the pureref record, in case you need to transport it. It can be recorded across computers, as opposed to linking to the nearby images for your current laptop.

Features of PureRef

Selection is based:

You can select more than one right over here. It helps you to select more than one template at a time which really works out if you are looking for dynamic work. 

Focus on one or more:

With the help of PureRef, you can double click or more on the screen and from there, it helps you to choose one or more subjects at a time. 

PureRef - Download

Rotate and flip

It comes with other functions as well. You can now flip and rotate and with the help of the imaginary rotate and even the scope of the flip as well. There are some flip values which you can use in your image which you can work out accordingly. 

Toggle and even lock

One of the best scenes of using PureRef is the best option that you can toggle your screen. The toggling of the screen is one of the most useful functions of PureRef. It helps you to toggle through the various options and minimise plus maximise so that you can adjust your art canvas on your screen. 

Reset the camera

You can reset the camera of your artboard. You can reset the camera while you are working on the screen which gives you a perfect edge on the side. 

How to download it to your PC?

  1. Go to the official site of PureRef and from there, go to the download link. Make sure that you install the link right from there. 
  2. Once you have installed the link to your system, open the link for download. Before that, check out for malicious content so that your download process is not haltered. 
  3. From there, you can choose to download the same onto your computer. Make sure that you download with proper targeted speed so that it can be done. 
  4. After download, check on the yes option from the checkbox so that it can run on your PC. 
  5. Now finish the whole installation process and now you can use PureRef in your system. 

How to download it on your Mac?

  1. Downloading PureRef to your MAC is not really tough. If you have managed to download it on your PC, you can download the same on your MAC as well. 
  2. Install from the link from the official site and from there, you can choose to download. 
  3. Before that, scan it on your computer. 
  4. Once done, check onto the box for yes and then download PureRef to your MAC. 

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