Pure is a revolutionary app in the field of online dating applications. Its functionality is unlike any dating app you have used before. It is specifically for users who look for casual relationships and hookups. What makes Pure so revolutionary is its approach to connecting strangers. To elaborate, no one is required to put elaborate biographies on their profile. Instead, a simple one-liner or audio message is used. Profiles are visible on a 90-kilometre radius. As long as the user is online, this ad will run. Once he leaves, his profile and all its remnants are wiped from the app’s interface and he has to start on a clean slate. In short, Pure flourishes through the postulate of ‘out of sight, out of the app.’


Key Features Of Pure

Stay Anonymous
Part of Pure’s appeal comes from its anonymity. When you log in, you create a profile with just your name. You do not have to give any other information. You get to connect with strangers for a limited time period. The moment you get bored and log out, your profile and your chats are automatically erased. The name ‘Pure’ comes from the fact that you are washed clean of your sins every time you leave. You log back in as a new person and the loop begins again.

Connect Instantly
With a sixty minute time limit looming over your head, you will be hard-pressed to make the right connections. This isn’t hard since all the users here share the same purpose; get casual lays. Meet the perfect stranger and embrace the thrilling desires that are bubbling inside you.

PURE anonymous hookup chat app on the App Store

Privacy Respected
Pure has nothing but respect for the data it collects from its users. It is never recorded in the internal database nor is it leaked to third parties. The chats between two people will be strictly between themselves. Any photo, audio or video that is shared cannot be saved by either of them. If anyone takes a screenshot, then both parties get an alert within seconds. 

How To Download It On PC

You can use this app on a PC as well. If you are looking to download it on your computer, you are in the right place. We will be showing you how to go about the process by using special devices known as android emulators. These devices enable mobile apps to run smoothly on the system. 

Download using Bluestacks

  1. Go to the site www.bluestacks.com. You will find a direct download link for the emulator here.
  2. After Bluestacks downloads, it will redirect to the home screen. Play Store icon will be visible there so go and open it.
  3. In the store, log into your Google account. Then using the search bar, look up the app’s name. Click the right one from the search results.
  4. Your dating app will download in a few minutes on your system.

Download using NoxPlayer

  1. Go to the site www.bignox.com. You will find a direct download link for this emulator here.
  2. Upon successful download, Nox will launch. Find the Play Store on its home screen. Log into your Google account to access it.
  3. Search for the app in the Play Store. When you find it, tap it to start downloading.
  4. Pure will now be available for use on your PC/Mac system.

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