Mobile browsers can be a real handful sometimes. We like to get results instantly so even a few seconds of waiting while the browser loads content for us can be irritating. We want ultra-fast results and slow browsers hinder that from happening. This is why Puffin Browsers should be used. It is a browser specifically designed for mobiles. It uses cloud servers to deliver super-fast results to users. Its compression protocol saves considerable bandwidth on regular browsing. With this level of speed and data usage, Puffin Browser emerges as a clear winner in its category.

FULL NAME:Puffin Browser
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Key Features Of Puffin Browser

Download Puffin Web Browser for PC/Puffin Web Browser on PC - Andy -  Android Emulator for PC & Mac
Download for Windows

Cloud Security
Whilst using Puffin, it is assured that your data is encrypted and out of hackers’ reach. This guarantee allows you to use the app with peace of mind. You can connect to unsecured sources of Wifi too without worrying about your data being leaked. Puffin Browser has a cloud of protection hovering over your head.

Built-In Gamepad
A browser that comes with a gamepad of its own makes Puffin an A grade browser in our books. Playing games on mobile browser is a herculean task. You end up tapping the wrong spots on your screen which lead you to ultimate failure in the game. No one in their right mind will play games on the mobile browser. But Puffin Browser is a cool exception. Its gaming pad pops up whenever you start a game. You will fall in love with its easy to use controls in no time.

Theater Mode
Imagine having a video player that bears striking resemblance to YouTube’s player. That is exactly what Puffin Browser provides you with. While browsing the net, you will come across many videos. But you fail to watch them because of the horrible players. Puffin’s Theater mode will rectify that in a jiffy. It comes with volume buttons as well as a forward/rewind button for your viewing benefit.

How To Download It On PC

There are differences in the way Puffin Browser works on desktop. The browser provides users with only four search engines. Autofill settings are unmanageable as well. This clearly takes it a step back. We don’t recommend users to use the desktop version of this app. Instead, you can run it from your Play Store using android emulators. These emulators help run mobile apps on the computer system, thereby making it easy to use Puffin Browser on the system. There are two emulators that we will be using for downloading the app and they are called Bluestacks and NoxPlayer.

Download for Windows

Using Bluestacks

  1. Download this application from the site Allow it a couple of minutes to download.
  2. It will have Play Store pre-installed in it. You just have to sign in to access it.
  3. After you do, search for Puffin Browser. Click on it for download.
  4. Puffin Browser can now be accessed by clicking on its icon in the home screen.

Using NoxPlayer

  1. This application can be downloaded from the site Wait a while for it to download.
  2. Like Bluestacks, it will have a Play Store. Just sign in and search for your game in the search abr.
  3. When you find it, download it on your emulator. Finally, you can play the game on your PC screen.

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