Psiphon is an internet circumvention tool that provides unauthorized access to Internet content. The software is made in favour of users in countries that are considered to be “enemies of the internet”. The software is managed centrally and has a diverse geographical network consisting of thousands of proxy servers which includes a performance-oriented single and multi-hop architecture. It was released in 2006 and was developed by the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto.


The software later went on to establish itself as an Independent Ontario Corporation that focuses on developing advanced censorship circumvention tools. Psiphon received its funding from the European Parliament and the US Department Internet Freedom Program. In 2015, the software operated individual with funds received from commercial operations. It also provided services to the United States Broadcasting Board of Governors, US Department of State and also to the British Broadcasting Corporation and also played a major role during the 2020 Belarusian Protests. The software was evolved into three different versions.

  1. 1.0 – The original version
  2. 2.0 – Cloud-based proxy system
  3. 3.0 – Cloud-based run-time tunneling system

The mobile version was developed in 2012 as Psiphon 3 for phones that are running on Android.

Features of Psiphon

  • Simple Layout: Psiphon’s website design is quite simple and easy to understand by all kinds of users. The website was designed on point, and users can reach out to the customer care for any kind of issues by clicking on the blue plus or minus symbols.
  • Thousands of Servers: The software consists of a thousand servers and also a thousand different IP addresses from nine countries worldwide. Users can use any of these thousand servers and IP addresses to connect to their internet content.
  • Entertainment Website Unblocked: Many OTT platforms are restricted on many VPN sites. But Psiphon unblocks most of the OTT websites like Netflix, Hotstar, Lionsgate, etc. All these websites’ geoblocks can be bypassed by this software.
  • Latest VPN: Psiphon is developed using the latest kinds of VPN, SSH and also HTTP proxy technologies which will help users to stay connected always on their devices. The software was developed as a technology to connect people to voice out the response of governments trying to block them. 
  • Space for Larger User Base: This software provides the infrastructure to handle a huge user database from anywhere in the world. As being the first step to recourse to censorship, the software’s large database capability helps users to connect to internet content even when a country’s government blocks them within their borders.
  • Compatibility: The software was made compatible for Windows, Android and iOS with the compatibility of Windows. 

Installation Requirements for Psiphon

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To install Psiphon on PC, make sure that the following requirements are met.

  • PC – Make sure that your PC is on Windows 7 or higher with at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • Compatibility Mode is enabled.

How to Download Psiphon on Windows

Follow the below steps to download and install Psiphon on your PC:

  1. Go to Psiphon’s website, and go to Downloads.
  2.  Click on Download Now.
  3. Select ‘Save’ to download the program. The file will be saved in the Downloads folder.
  4. If you want to save in a specified folder on your desktop, then click on ‘Save As’ and select the folder you want the program to be saved.
  5. After the download is complete click on the .exe file.
  6. The installation process will start.
  7. Run the installation package.
  8. Wait until the update completes
  9. Follow the Windows installation instructions and select options accordingly.
  10. Click on Finish to complete the installation.
  11. The program icon will appear on the desktop.
  12.  Select the icon to start the application.

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