There are countless proxies all over the internet but few are as reliable as the Proxy Master. It has an astounding 10 million downloads on Play Store so that in itself is proof of the app’s worthiness. With this free VPN, you can unlock an ocean’s worth of blocked content on the internet. You can browse these blocked sites under an online alias, thereby securing your privacy. No one is privy to the data you unlock except you.

FULL NAME:Proxy Master
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Key Features Of Proxy Master

Military Level Protection
Now with an AES 128-bit encryption, you can guise your identity on the internet and scour through various sites. No IPS can detect your presence and thus, no record of you visiting such sites is made. The UDP/TCP based protocols together with IPSec ensures that your IP address is hidden at all time.s This allows you to freely access restricted sites without any underlying fear.

No Restrictions
Unlock sites that are blocked in your country as well as all over the world. There is no penalty for accessing them because no record is made. With Proxy Master, you are setting up the safest means of protection and privacy for yourself so you need never worry about getting caught. Stream endless content without buffers and play high end games by reducing the ping.

Multiple Connections
Get your free VPN service on up to five devices at the same time. There are several proxy servers hosted by Proxy Master so there is enough for every device to connect to. You just need to make sure that these devices are in close proximity. Then with one tap, you will have a beautiful network of devices connected to VPNs, allowing them to stream blocked data without leaking personal information.

How To Download It On PC

VPN Proxy Master 1.8.2 for Android - Download
Download for Windows

Now use this powerful VPN tool on your PC console. Yes, that’s right. You are not limited to bypassing site restrictions just on your phone. You can use Proxy Master to unblock blocked sites and stream endless content, all for free of course. Don’t worry about how to download this mobile exclusive app. We have you covered. Using softwares by the name of Android emulators, you can recreate your android environment in your PC’s ecosystem. Bluestacks and NoxPlayer are the two emulators that will help you achieve this feat. We have the instructions listed out below:

Using Bluestacks

  1. To download this emulator freely and securely, visit its official site Click the download link there.
  2. After download completes, it will launch open. Click open the Play Store that is already installed in it.
  3. Using its search bar, look for your app. Then double tap the app’s icon to initiate download.
  4. Finally, click on the VPN icon from your Bluestacks’ home screen to start using it.

Using NoxPlayer

Download for Windows
  1. Visit the official site of this emulator i.e. to download Nox.
  2. After it launches, go to the Play Store pre-installed in it. Sign into Google so you can access its features.
  3. Search for Proxy Master and click the right search result to start downloading.
  4. Great! Your VPN is now stored in your system for secure browsing.

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