Parody’s of an original movie, song or game are often humorous and quite different indeed. It brings out the true meaning of the song, and many times does sound better than the original make. But then when you club in adult content and NSFW content, things indeed elevate to a whole new level. Today, we have a similar game at our hands to discuss. 

FULL NAME:Project x love
Download for Windows

What is Project X love potion Disaster? 

Love potion disaster is a parody of many games revolving around the Sega universe. Its where the enemy Egg man captures your world. But during the invasion, Dr Akari’s love potions spilt a lot and created a cloud all around the world. You as the player are also trapped in the same world have to save the world from an unusual threat. 

The threat includes NSFW actions and other things being portrayed in the game with adult content and much more things. All thanks to the love potions, of course. SEGA doesn’t officially license the game, and it’s a better deed to keep it away from individuals under 18. 

Key features of the game

Savegame of Project X Love Potion Disaster 7.4 by Fakes1236 on DeviantArt
Download for Windows
  • Different game modes. 

There are different ways in which players can enjoy the game. There is a story mode, boss rush and more. Each of the stages offers a unique gameplay experience to all its players. 

  • Boss gallery. 

Its where players can witness all the bosses that you have the chance to defeat and play against. 

  • Sound test. 

A seductive manner in which all the characters in the game seductively give their voice and a seductive dance as well. 

Minimum system requirements. 

  • OS – Windows XP and above. 
  • RAM – 1GB. 
  • Storage – 1GB or more. 
  • Video memory – 256 MB. 
  • CPU – Intel 2.3GHZ dual-core

How to download and install it on PC?

  • Download the game files. 

Get the game from any third-party site from the internet. Several sites offer the game for free and a few mods as well. Do get the needful.  

  • Install the game. 

Once downloaded, set up the installer and ensure that the complete game has been installed by following the on-screen set of instructions.  

  • Enjoy.  
Download for Windows

Upon successful installation, access the game either through the desktop shortcut or from the installed directory location. 

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