Games around the world have its way of engaging with different audiences from all over the world. But then a similar game could have another game in different parts of the world but still retain the agenda of what it has to offer. Similarly, we have a Rebranded game amongst us that did wow players back in the ’90s. 

FULL NAME:Probotector Game

What is Porbotector?

Probotector is the European name for the classic hit series “Contra.” It was broadly popular and did ensure that people got an immersive batting experience. Though the graphics and other gameplay features were slightly different, players did take full advantage of the combat experience it offered.  

Moreover, the story revolves around two brothers who are commandos and have set out to destroy an alien invasion on planet earth. The entire game is based on a 2D platform with great gameplay features and game interface. It was released on a wide scale for the NES platform. 

What emulator has to be used to play the game?

Play Probotector Online - Sega Genesis Classic Games Online

The game was released on different gaming consoles but if you are looking to get the most authentic feel, then get an NES gaming console. However, if you are looking to play it on the computer, then you will have to get an emulator to play the game, and for each operating software, some emulators can be used. All of which are given below. 

  • Windows – Nestopia. 
  • macOS – OpenEMU. 
  • Linux – RockNES. 

Games that are similar to Probotector. 

Contra legacy of war. 

When things were slowly starting to get into the 3D universe, contra legacy of war happens to be one of those games that were in the nascent stages of adopting the newer platform. It provides quite the gaming experience mixed with more unique bosses, different gameplay experience and much more. 

Neo contra.

Neo contra is the new legacy of the contra series which offers an immersive 3D outlay of the game and ensures a much stable and intriguing gameplay experience. It’s quite the game with a similar essence to what contra has always been about. 

The contra adventure. 

The particular game is a classic take on the original contra series which offers quite the experience in encapsulating 2D and 3D effects in the game. It still holds a similar storyline but with newer levels, faster gameplay and even difficult final bosses to defeat. 

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