Prison Architect is a game that revolves around prison life. You are an architect and the heavy responsibility of building a maximum security prison is on your shoulders. And you need to build right from the scratch, which means you need to understand what layout will fit the model of a high security jail. If you build a simple prison, prisoners will be escaping in no time and crime will peak in the city. So you need to meticulously map out a blueprint before you start building the world’s highest security prison.

FULL NAME:Prison Architect

Key Features Of Prison Architect

Campaign Mode
Through the story mode, learn of new cell-building techniques which help improve your skills. Interact with guards and prisoners alike and learn about life in prison from different perspectives.

Manage Prisons
You are tasked with taking care that the cells are placed at considerable distance from each other. You need to look after the security and the cell facilities. That includes canteen food and bathing stalls. Make sure hell doesn’t break loose anywhere. Jails are a rough place to be in and tempers are bound to fly. You are the ultimate peacemaker of your prison.

Become a Financer
The most important thing about Prison Architect is the regulation of cash flow. There are two directions in which money will flow. Either it flows into your staff’s pockets or it flows into yours. Your salary is determined by the amount of prisoners’ times the money earned from taking care of each one. This is subtracted from the money you spend on employing staff. Spend too frivolously on staff and you won’t have anything left. Spend too little and you will have less help in taking care of the prisoners.

How To Download It On PC

Prison Architect and the subversion of the god game

Several years ago, the idea of playing mobile games on computer would have sounded like a dream. But today, it has become a part of normalcy. With development of highly innovative softwares, developers have managed to find ways of running mobile apps on systems. One of these ways is by using android emulators. The job of android emulating softwares is to efficiently run mobile apps on PCs and Macbooks. There are dozens of emulators in the market but we will be using the two most widely used ones here. Their names are Bluestacks and NoxPlayer.

Download using Bluestacks

  1. Visit the site You will find a direct download link for Bluestacks there.
  2. After download completes, open Bluestacks and look for Play Store in its home screen. To access the store’s features, you need to sign into Google first.
  3. After doing so, look up the app’s name in the store. Then download it from the search results.
  4. In another few minutes, your game will be ready for play on your PC.

Download using NoxPlayer

  1. From the site, you can download the NoxPlayer emulator. In addition, download the apk file of the game from your browser.
  2. When Nox launches, you will find an option at the bottom that says ‘Add apk file’. Click it to add your game’s downloaded file.
  3. Finally, Prison Architect will be installed in your system.

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