Mass effect three has been on the minds of various gamers because of the mixed criticism it received. Though it was filled with different interesting things, the audience had their own opinions of the game. 

Mass effect three is based on a similar platform as the previous version of the game. Players can import the old saved games from the earlier version into the new one and play the game. Though the storyline might differ, things do look appealing to an extent. 

The game revolves around your primary characters whose task is to save the galaxy from advanced space aliens that are highly advanced and called reapers. This game is quite compelling in terms of fog gameplay, but for those looking to have a better gameplay experience, then mods come of great help. 

The game was developed by bio ware and published by electronic arts in 2012. The game was released on Microsoft Windows, Wii U, Xbox 360, and play station 3. 

Priority Earth Overhaul Mod 

Priority Earth Overhaul Mod
Priority Earth Overhaul Mod

No doubt, every game has its fair share of how it ends. But then few make the game that compelling but mess up the ending. Mass effect 3 is the latter’s victim, and this mod helps in recorrecting this very aspect. 

The mod is designed to improve the ending as much as possible in terms of graphics, the inclusion of various content parts reworks in the newer inclusions, bug fixes, and much more. Even the audio and video quality and revamped to make the ending quite soothing fir players. 

Most of the criticism was received around this aspect, and this mod aims to correct that as much as possible. Though it’s all fan-fiction and developed by fans, it doesn’t significantly impact the gameplay of the game, making it playable and engaging at the same time. 

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