Print key 2000 is free to download software. It was created in the 1990s. This program was used as a screenshot in the 1990s. You can use this app under the Microsoft operating system. It allows users to quickly and easily modify screenshots right after you take them. This program can be activated like many other print screen programs by pressing the print screen button or another configurable control key which displays an image after taking a screenshot, ready to be edited. Created by Alfred Bollinger it has the most stable release on version 5.10 in 1999, twenty-one year’s Toggle. This software has a freeware license.

FULL NAME:Print Key 2000
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Print 2000 was also available in the form of a paid program. Though some of its features in the free program are not available like the paid ones. In the 1990s this was both well received by the people and thanks to the fact that it was compatible with windows systems up to and including Windows 10, many sorry people still like to use it and recommend it to each other.

Features of Printkey 2000

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Print button

You can use the print button to take screenshots for four quick grabs on-the-go. This can be really necessary when you are in a hurry. Also, if do not have enough time to take a proper screenshot.

Configurable hotkeys

Print key 2000 lets you define what keys you can use to grab a screenshot other than the print screen key. This can be really helpful when you need to take screenshots a lot during the day and the print screen key is just too far away.

Adjust and resize

The main feature of Print key 2000 is that you can easily customize and edit your screenshots right after the moment to take them. This is a really helpful way to get clean and crisp screenshots on the go using Print Key 2000.

Configurable options

Rather than just taking the entire screenshot, printkey 2000 lets you decide what kind of green shirt you want to take. Whether it be a whole screenshot or a screenshot of Justin new window you can customize that with the help of printkey 2000.Along with windows, you can also select a portion of the area you would want to take a screenshot off. You can customize many hotkeys which you can use to do this task. This can be really helpful in many situations.

Free to use

Print key 2000 in a free to use the app most of the time already installed in many windows devices. This allows you to take screenshots freely without the care of having to check whether print key 2000 is installed on your device or not.

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Print key 2000 is compatible with a lot of window systems from Windows Vista to Windows 10 you can use the Print key to get amazing screenshots on the get-go. Although not fully compatible with the newer version like the Window 10, Printkey 2000is a really great app which is very helpful in day to day situations.

You can download Printkey 2000 easily from any available online source, from its official website and also many other online websites which provide Print key 2000 for free.

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