How much ever we grow up, there will always be a child inside us who would still love to play games.

FULL NAME:Predecessor
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In a world of technology where everything is advancing, what can be better than video games? Online games or video games have taken over the gaming industry and have steadily emerged to be the favourite of many people out there.

How much ever an individual must be busy, he or she does take out a considerable amount of time to relax by playing video games.

Today, we are blessed to be born in an era that allows us to get our hands on a plethora of options. One can literally pick and choose the game, he or she wants to play according to their interest, unlike earlier times when there were a handful of games and no option to choose.

The Predecessor is an exciting game which is considered as a partial remake or a spiritual successor of the ‘Paragon.’ The game is primarily made with assets used in Paragon, which was released for free of cost right when Paragon was shut down in 2018. The game is currently under the development process by Omeda Studios.

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The game, Predecessor, is actually like a Sci-Fi MOBA (3rd person), which makes use of the authentic assets of Paragon. Although one can’t really say that the game is a full remake, somehow, the core ideas of both the games tend to be more or less the same.

The developers have made sure to make use of creative freedom by making the game the best version of itself. The developers have tried to add on new innovation by making the game unique and different. They wish to give the players a whole new experience with this game.

The game for sure will score full points when it comes to beauty, and it’s attractiveness. The game I the looking front, interface, And game types will be on the similar grounds of Paragon.

The player will also witness many familiar characters, surrounds, and environments around. The game will not lose its core and be fundamentally a MOBA. The developers plan out to add many more modes and features to enhance the overall quality of the game.

Download for Windows

Like, Paragon we are sure this will also be a fun game and will have a decent subscription base. The game has many of the assets, will, and passion for making the game a hit.

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