In a world where Poweramp exists, music will reverberate through your very soul. Poweramp is a new, cool music player in the mobile world and it comes with the promise of making your music sound infinitely better than before. You will be hard pressed to find an audio player as powerful as the Poweramp. Load songs from your local library regardless of the format and let poweramp fine tune it for you. It has multiple versions in the Android store and each one works towards improving the sound of your music. The latest one is Poweramp V3, a level up from the standard audio player with better UI and navigational features.

FULL NAME:Poweramp

Key Features Of Poweramp

Powerful Audio Engine

The integrated engine comprises an impressive 64 bit processor with configurable dither, resampler and per-output options. It also consists of an equaliser expander wherein you can add reverb and tempo effects. There is a Direct Volume Control (DVC) that covers the entire dynamic range and it enables you to crossfade between songs. 

Exciting Ui Interface
Poweramp comes with a great user interface that completely redefines what a music player should be like. There are different skins you can choose for your player, which in turn affects the ‘wave’ seekbar. By quick swipes, you can jump from one playlist to another without having to go back to the main menu. Poweramp has a full blown lyric support system that displays lyrics across you screen, with the album/artist images. What’s more, you can download these artworks too!

Format Support
Whatever format your file is, you can play it with Poweramp. It doesn’t prejudice between formats. So if your file isn’t mp3, you don’t have to worry about the music player not running it. It will play absolutely any audio file you throw at it.

How To Download It On PC

PowerAMP, Potentially the Best Music Player for Android, Only $1.99 for 48  hours - Android Authority

You can obtain this powerful music player on your computer as well. It is alright if you rarely use a music player on your PC console, you can still download it for future use. Poweramp’s functionality is too good to be ignored. You simply must have it on all your devices. Since it isn’t available on third party apk sites, you can download it freely by using android emulators. These devices are responsible for running mobile apps in a non android environment. Popular examples are the Bluestacks and NoxPlayer softwares. We will show you how to go about the process of running Poweramp on your PC using these two emulators.

Using Bluestacks

  1. Go to the site From here, you can download the emulator freely.
  2. After successful download, Bluestacks’ home screen will open. You will find a Play Store in it so just go and click it open.
  3. Using the store’s search bar, look for Poweramp. Click the right app to start downloading.
  4. In a few minutes, your Music Player will be ready for use on your PC.

Using NoxPlayer

  1. Go to the site to download this emulator.
  2. When Nox launches, you will find Play Store is inbuilt in it too. Just click it open.
  3. Look up your app’s name. Then click on it to begin downloading.
  4. Voila! Poweramp is now installed in your system.

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