Pou is a type of video game that requires caring, cleaning, feeding, and playing with your virtual pet. These steps will allow the user to increase his/her level in the game while your pet is growing up. The game was developed and released in the year 2012 by the developer named Paul Salameh. The players can use different looks of pou and, at the same time, can change the themes of the wallpaper.


When you are done playing and want a break, you can easily save your game level so that the next time you start playing, you can continue from the same place where you left earlier. Your selected pou can even interact with other pous in the game when you are connected with the internet. This game is somewhat similar to the game named Tamagotchi, which was a fad game.

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Key features of the app:-

●      Customized look – The creature’s look in the game can be easily customized and changed according to the players’ needs and will. Different outfits are also available from which the player can choose easily.

●      Easy access and transfer – The player can quickly transfer their pou from one device to another by logging in to another device by their user id and password. There is no platform barrier in this game, which will decline the transfer. 

●      Simple steps – If you are new to this game, it is effortless to understand and start playing on it. The developers have maintained the game’s simplicity, which attracts many users as no one wants to mug up those lengthy and tricky steps of the game.

●      Addictive – Again, because of its easy controls and set up, the users find it more addictive and develop a habit of having and playing this game in their free time.

Steps to download and install the Pou app on PC/ MAC by using BlueStacks:-

Pou Games Online -
Download for Windows

1: Search and click to start the download of BlueStacks on your device which you are using.

2: Install the above-downloaded site and sign-in through Google.

3: After completing the whole process of signing in, you are set to access the Play Store on your device.

4: Click on the search bar and type “Pou” app on the Play Store.

5: Download the app from the lists of results which appears on the screen

6: After completing the download process, install the app on your device by following the listed steps and launch the app after the installation is done

7: Go to the home screen and click on the app’s icon and enjoy the time on it.

Step to download and install the Pou App on your PC/ MAC by using NOX Player:-

1 – Search the NOX Player website on your device and download the site.

2 –After completing the downloading process, install and launch the NOX Player on your device by going through the list of instructions one by one and then launching the site.

3 – Sign in through Google to complete the remaining work, which will allow you to access the Google Play Store easily.

4 – If you already have the NOX Player website installed, then ignore the above steps.

5 – After launching the app, access the Google Play Store. 

6 – Now type the name “Pou” app on the search bar.

7 – Download the app by clicking on the icon.

8– Install the app after the download is done and then launch the app.

Download for Windows

9 – Go to the home screen, whereto the icon of this app, click on it to open and, enjoy your time while using it to play.

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