We are all familiar with the game of Pokémon Go. It became a household name a few years ago and its popularity has remained consistent. You will still find people rushing down the streets in hopes of obtaining that one rare Pokémon on the corner of Broadway Street. It is just a madly addictive game and we don’t see it diminishing from the Play Store any time soon. There are many apps designed to assist you on your Pokémon hunt, one of which is called Poker Tracker. This application is a geosocial map that lights up every time a Pokémon is found near your location. Sure the anticipation of accidentally bumping into a Pokémon on the corner is lost but the excitement of building your collection multiples tenfold. 

FULL NAME:Poker Tracker

Key Features Of Poke Tracker

Useful Filters
Tracking Pokémon will be super easy with the filters provided. Based on a variety of attributes, like distance, location and popularity, you can narrow down your search to the most needed Pokémon on your list. Simply apply your filter and set an alert for the notifications and you will never miss out on another Pokémon in the street. 

Share Your Discoveries
Lend a generous hand to your friends who are struggling to find Pokémon of their own. Share live locations of the Pokémon you find using Poke Trainer. This will send a direct alert to your friends and they can rush outside to catch ‘em before they disappear. Your friends will forever be indebted to you and you can establish yourself as the ultimate Pokémon master.

PokerTracker - Online Poker Software, Player Stats Tracking & HUD

Background App
You can minimise the map and go back to your work without worrying about receiving alerts. Poke Tracker runs smoothly in the background and will only disturb you when it needs to. So watch movies, listen to music and read online stories, all without keeping an eye on the app. Just sit back and relax until it notifies you about potential candidates in your area.

How To Download It On PC

This application can be installed on the system with the help of Android Emulators. You can guess from the name itself that these applications help emulate android specific apps on the system. We will be using two of them here; Bluestacks and NoxPlayer

Using Bluestacks

  1. Bluestacks can be easily downloaded from the link www.bluestacks.com. Give it a few minutes to install successfully.
  2. After installation, it will run on your PC. The Bluestacks home screen consists of Play Store. Go ahead and open it.
  3. It will ask you to sign into Google before you can search for Poke tracker. Do as it directs.
  4. When you find the app, tap on it to start installation. After a couple of minutes, your Poke Tracker icon will pop on the home screen. You are just a click away from using it.

Using NoxPlayer

  1. NoxPlayer can be downloaded from the link www.bignox.com. While it downloads, go to your browser and download the apk file of Poke Tracker.
  2. After download finishes, NoxPlayer will configure automatically. Locate the button on its home screen that says ‘Add apk file’. You will find it at the bottom.
  3. Click it to add Poke Tracker’s downloaded file. The application will install on Nox in the next few minutes.
  4. Finally, you can run your Poke Tracker on your PC.

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