Pokémon games have been the talking centre for many generations, thanks to their strategic implementation of the storyline in their games and the overall remake. Moreover, every game has its way of getting things done, and Pokémon games have been simple, straightforward, and relatively easy to play indeed. But then, if you are looking to increase the difficulty levels? Then there are different titles that you should try, like the one given here. 

FULL NAME:Pokémon Volt White 2
Download for Windows

What is Pokémon volt white 2?

Pokémon volt white 2 is a hack of another hacked game that just makes it much better. A particular version of the Pokémon game has been hacked in the game where it makes things quite challenging and challenging indeed. Meanwhile, surplus new Pokémon are added into the game, and all the bugs and tweaks are smoothed out. The elite four becomes quite demanding, which each of the Pokémon’s at 70 level or higher. 

black 2 / white 2] Pokémon Blaze Black 2 & Pokémon Volt White 2 - ROM - NDS  ROM Hacks - Project Pokemon Forums
Download for Windows

Which emulator to play the game?

The game works seamlessly on Nintendo DS. But then you will require an emulator to play the game on a computer. Hence, if you are looking for the best on every platform, we have a comprehensive list below, giving you just the same. Check it out. 

  • Windows – DeSmuMe. 
  • macOS – DeSmuMe. 
  • Linux – iDeaS. 

Similar games to Pokémon volt white 2. 

Pokémon leaf green. 

As any typical Pokémon game would be, the game is one of the oldest and provides the OG starter Pokémon’s to choose from. The game comprises multiple standard Pokémon’s and has excellent gameplay to it indeed. 

Pokémon, Let’s go, Pikachu. 

The classic Pokémon game can now be played through a 3D point of view. Thus making it a wholesome way of enjoying games in the best possible manner. It was exclusively launched for the Nintendo Switch. 

Download for Windows

Pokémon Emerald. 

Another classic Pokémon game that comprises different starter Pokémon’s with an entirely new storyline focused more on the legendary Pokémon’s. Something exciting and worthwhile in playing it. 

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