The popular tabletop game has been digitised to give you Pokémon TCG Online. It incorporates the same role-playing, card-collecting features of the main Pokémon series. With this game, you really feel like you are inside a Pokémon riddled universe. It was first released on browser in 2011. In subsequent years, it has reached all major online platforms.  Players throw their cards on a virtual tabletop and when their cards overpower their opponents’, they can slide their cards into their deck. It is an awesome combat of will and power. You don’t need the real cards anymore when you are getting a better, livelier version of them online. Established by the official Pokémon Company, Pokémon TCG is a worthwhile trading card game to play.

FULL NAME:Pokémon TCG Online

Key Features Of Pokémon TCG Online

Easy Gameplay
If you are new to trading card games, you needn’t worry. Pokémon TCG will guide you through the ropes with a very simple tutorial. Learn the basics in a fast, efficient manner and hone your skills by playing against the computer. Once you are confident enough, you can start challenging real players from around the world.

Customisable Collection
Build an identity for yourself in this world. Assemble the mightiest Pokémon cards in your deck so you can taste sweet victory in all the battles you engage. Earn booster packs, grow your collection and customise the look of your deck. Save your best cards for the end so you can surprise your opponents towards the end of every match.

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Worldwide Tournaments
You are not limited to playing against your Facebook friends. Pokémon TCG has a worldwide community where players of different capabilities are ever ready to take on a challenge. You can trade both cards and blows with them. Send them an offer they can’t refuse and unleash Pokémon battles across the miles.

How To Download It On PC

Pokémon Company established the game on all platforms so users could play it anywhere they wanted. You can find the game available for download on Windows, iOS and Android play stores. You have to pay for it in the Windows Store though. Fortunately, we have an alternative to that. If you are looking to download the game for free on your PC or Mac, you can do so by using Bluestacks and Nox, two android emulators that help run mobile games on desktop. Here are the instructions to go about it:

Download Using Bluestacks

  1. From the site, download this emulator. It will launch automatically after successfully downloading.
  2. Open the Play Store that’s pre-installed in it. Sign into Google and look up the app’s name in the search bar.
  3. From the search results, click the right game to initiate download.
  4. After download completes, your game can be accessed from the Bluestacks’ home screen.

Download using Nox

  1. From the site, download this emulator. Additionally, download the apk file of the game.
  2. When Nox launches, you will find an option on the bottom side that say ‘Add APK file’. Click it to add the game’s download file.
  3. Finally, your game is installed on desktop

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