Pokémon Stadium 2 is a video game that was published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64.  The console of this game offers its users a new and unique way to enjoy the Pokémon experience. The game has received a lot of appreciation from its users and good merit points from critics. Pokémon Stadium 2 brings out some fresh originality in the universe by the addition of Johto and Kanto that made players enjoy a bigger view of this fun-filled world.

FULL NAME:Pokémon Stadium 2

Pokémon stadium 2 being a predecessor still managed to forge a unique identity for itself. The game has the same character models from the first Pokémon game. The first game featured 151 first-generation Pokémon models whereas Pokémon Stadium 2 has the second generation of Pokémon’s which is considered as the best set of Pokémon in the whole Pokémon franchise. In this game, you can train your Pokémon’s and get them ready for the battle or you can transfer them and buy new Pokémon from your friends.

Features of Pokémon Stadium 2:

Free Battle mode:

The game offers you a free battle mode where the players can select rules from any of the tournament cups or use modified rules to conduct practice battles. Players can also customize different arenas/backgrounds and make them more aesthetic.

New Pokémon:

Pokémon Stadium 2 features a total of 251 Pokémon. Apart from the 251 Pokémon the game also introduced new Pokémon for its users. 2 new Pokémon types were released. Pokémon like Meowth, Persian, and Rattata were introduced by this game.

Engaging Battles:

To make progress in Pokémon Stadium 2, players have to keep defeating the leaders in their castles. This allows the players to earn badges and also move towards an even bigger final challenge. After you have conquered all the leaders in the game you can challenge any player who has the same or stronger set of Pokémon than you.

Pokemon Stadium 2 ROM - N64 Download - Emulator Games

The stadium:

Pokémon Stadium 2 is a huge game world that features the Stadium, the Pokemon Academy, your house, the Pokemon Lab, Gameboy Tower, Gym Leader Castle, and also the mini-games area.  Players can compete for the four cups: Poké Cup, Prime Cup, Challenge Cup, and Little Cup at the stadium and win up to 251 Pokémon depending on their success rate. Each cup has its own rules and regulations except for the Challenge Cup where the player assembles a team of six Pokémon. In this cup, the parties of the player and opponents are chosen completely randomly which makes it more exciting.

How to download Pokémon Stadium 2 on your PC:

  1. Check for the system requirements and operating system in your pc.
  2. Check if you have the emulator installed. 
  3. You need to have all the Nintendo 64 emulators installed to play this game.
  4. After installing the emulators, go to the official Nintendo site and search for the link to download Pokémon stadium 2. Please take care that the site you download from is secure.
  5. Get the compact download launcher.
  6. Click on the link or the “Download Game” button to start downloading the file.
  7. Locate the file in your folder 
  8. Finally, click on the launch button to install the game on your pc.

You can download Pokémon Stadium 2 on your Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone using the emulators. Just download the Nintendo 64 emulators and you will be able to play the game on any device.

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