You’ll actually get to place the Nintendo ds contact screen to precise use in pokémon ranger, a spin-off of the famous series that requires a very fingers-on approach to seize all the one’s loads of different pocket monsters. Even though the sport retains a number of the equal role-gambling factors because the conventional pokémon titles, rather than dealing with off in opposition to the critters in flip-primarily based battles, you’ll as an alternative must ensnare them by means of drawing circles around them as they skitter approximately the screen. This seems to be more interesting and hard than it to start with. 

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Pokémon ranger’s unique contact-screen controls, proper-sized quest, and vivid, colorful second pictures add as much as a strong sport. As you accomplish missions and upward thrust in rank most of the rangers, you will develop more effectively, allowing you to run round with a larger posse of pokémon fans and use their unique abilities greater frequently. The sport’s combat–if you can even name it that–is pretty uncommon.

Features of the game:

Comes with multiple characters:

One thing for sure is that this game challenges you with different levels and tests you as the character. One thing for sure that this amazing game brings to you is the level and the character which helps you to fight off and face new enemies from every single stage. 

Proper and stronger pokemons

At this factor, you could draw on the ds contact screen, and whenever you form an uninterrupted circle across the pokémon, you come back in the direction of capturing and taming it. Some pokémon may be captured with simply a couple of loops, while other, stronger ones would require more than a dozen.

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Role Playing game

Another good thing about this series is it is a typical role playing game with a lot of characters and stages from all around. If you are wondering why and how you can set off in every single match then you don’t have to. This game gives you the chance and tests your patience as the player and lets you enjoy to the fullest. 

How to download it on your PC?

Download for Windows
  1. If you want to download this game then you need to go to the official site of bluestacks and right from there, you need to search for the game. 
  2. Once you have searched for the game, you will get the game from the top right corner of the screen and right from the first suggestion, you will have to choose the game. 
  3. From there, you need to login through your Google account. The Google account which you login should be your account and not be registered with anyone else. If you don’t have a google account then you can always create one with your ID and username and your password. 
  4. Once you have logged in through your account, open the link and the installation file will be saved to your PC. Open the installation file and the download will begin right from there. 
  5. Once your download starts for your file, you will have to go to the dialogue box and choose the yes option right from there. Once you choose the yes option, your download will be done and your game will be installed to your computer. 
  6. Right from there, open your google account one more time and you can start playing the game easily. 

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