Pokémon is a game that we all love and adore. No matter how many iterations are made, we still are fond of it. Although, it’s redone with slightly newer features and gameplay experience. Even then, the game has always lived up to the reputation and ensures that players from all across the globe enjoy it to the fullest of extents. 

FULL NAME:Pokémon Moemon

However, they are the game that can be cracked the most and adding newer content into the game is quite possible. Today, we have one such title amongst us. 

What is Pokémon Moemon?

The game is your typical fire red version of Pokémon. Here you have your character, and you have to defeat all the gym leaders. Then, finally beat the elite four. After that, you can get yourself crowned as the Pokémon champion. 

However, there’s a slight difference in this. Instead of Pokémon’s, you get mormons, cute little hentai anime girls where they are replaced instead of Pokémon’s. Although the attacks and everything might vary, it’s quite the change if you are looking to find something different while retaining the Pokémon DNA. 

Which emulator to be used to play the game?

The game was designed to be played on a game boy. But this being a crack be played on an emulator on a computer. You will require a game boy advance emulator, and we have some of the best options for each platform. 

  • Windows – visual boy advance. 
  • macOS – OpenEmu. 
  • Linux – Mednafen. 

Games similar to Pokémon Moemon

IPS] Moemon Fire Red Revival Project (Updated 9-17-2019) - Client  Customization - PokeMMO

Pokémon Heart Gold

This particular game is the remake of soul silver version. Here, it’s entirely new. Moreover, they recoloured it to provide the best possible gameplay experience. There are more unique Pokémon, and the storyline is also quite similar. 

Pokémon White Version. 

The game is quite the take on the Pokémon adventure as it incorporates a 3D aspect of playing the game. In addition, there are plenty of newer Pokémon, and the entire gameplay is quick, fast and enjoyable to the fullest extent. 

Moemon Emerald

The game is quite reminiscent of Pokémon emerald. But the Pokémon themselves are in cute anime characters dressed up different Pokémon’s. Everything else is similar, and nothing is different. 

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