Over the years, many Pokémon games have graced gaming devices, be it on Playstation or on mobile. These games let the Pokémon Company ride high on the tides of success. However, the most prominent tide they have ridden on was brought by Pokémon Masters, an exclusive mobile game with an interesting take on the classic tale. In this game, you do not go about collecting various Pokémon. Instead, you collect Pokémon Masters i.e. the characters responsible for revolutionising the world of Pokémon. You recruit them to your team to win the Pokémon Masters League in the island of Pasio. This interesting turn of events made it an instant success, garnering over 10 million downloads in the first four days of its release. Pretty impressive huh? Wait till you look at more of its features.

FULL NAME:Pokémon Masters
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Key Features Of Pokémon Masters

Recruit Sync Pairs
A sync pair is the term given to a Pokémon trainer and his trademark Pokémon. For example, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu make a sync pair. Recruit a sync pair to your team in order to enter the Pokémon Masters League. Each recruit unlocks a storyline revolving around the sync pair which serves as one of the subplots that constitutes the main plotline of the game.

3-on-3 Battles
In order to win the tournament that is being held in Pasio island, players must recruit a sync pair and successfully win 3-on-3 challenges against opponents. There are many events to go through, some of them involving single player and some involving co-op gameplay. Winning these events unlocks rewards and bonuses that are crucial to progress. Become the champion of PML by consistent strategies and strong game plans.

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Non-generous Rewards
Earn multiple rewards as you progress through the game. At the end of every level, you receive a bag of golden gems. These gems are then used to scour for other sync pairs and upgrade the skills of Pokémon. A bag of gems sounds like a lot but when you begin to spend on sync pairs, you will realise they are actually limited. Use them wisely during your time spent on Pasio island. 

How To Download It On PC

Of course you can download this game on your system. It doesn’t matter if it was built in a mobile ecosystem, it can run effortlessly on PC consoles as well. This is done by using Android emulators. Two of the most popular emulators will be used to obtain Pokémon Masters on the system. They are Bluestacks and NoxPlayer.

Download using Bluestacks

  1. Go to the site www.bluestacks.com. You can download the emulator from there for free.
  2. When Bluestacks launches, you will find Play Store pre-installed in it. Click it open and make your Google sign-in to access the store’s features.
  3. Search for the app in the store. From the search results, download the right option.
  4. The game will download on your system in a few minutes.

Download using NoxPlayer

Download for Windows
  1. Go to the site www.bignox.com. From here, you can download the emulator freely.
  2. After Nox launches, go to the Play Store pre-installed in it. To access the features, you will have to sign in to your Google account.
  3. Look up the app’s name in the search bar. When you find it, tap it to start downloading.
  4. To play the game, click the Pokémon Masters’ icon on your Nox home screen.

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