The Pokémon Company has spawned numerous games over the years. One of them happens to be a digital board game by the name of Pokémon Duel. It comes with a checkered chess-like board and your Pokémon are the movable pieces on it. A wheel is presented to you and upon spinning it, the moves of your characters are decided. The gameplay is a lot like chess too, considering each character can move in a certain pattern. When two pieces sidle up next to each other, combat ensues and if they lose, your Pokémon is sent to the opposing team. The fight sequences are pretty exciting and unlike anything, a Pokémon game has offered before. For those sequences alone, you should take a chance at this game.

FULL NAME:Pokémon Duel

Key Features Of Pokémon Duel

Participate In Tournaments
No Pokémon game can exist without having tournaments of some sort. This board game is no different. Challenge the mighty Pokémon players across the world. With every victory you earn, your rank on the leaderboard increases. This puts your name on the Pokémon world map which in turn brings a steady flow of challengers to your door.

Fusion System
The term is fancy but the rewards are fancier. In the fusion system, you obtain objects after every tournament completion. These enhance the skillet of your Pokémon. You don’t have to spend your in-game currency all the time because the fusion system supplies you with all the earnings you need.

Original gameplay
There has never been a board game in the history of Pokémon games. Pokémon Duel provides a fresh perspective to the classic battle of pocket creatures through its chess inspired gameplay. You have six pieces on the board and they form your line of defence. Block your opponent from entering your territory by assembling your strongest Pokémon on the frontline. 

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How To Download It On PC

Although the game was pulled off the Play Store in late 2019, you can still find ways to download it on your PC. One of these ways is to download the apk file from third party websites. You needn’t worry about unintentionally bringing viruses to your system by using such sites. There are reliable websites on the internet that let you download the game safely. In addition, we will be using android emulators to play this game. The two emulators we will use are Bluestacks and NoxPlayer.

Using Bluestacks

  1. First, visit the site From there, you can download the emulator safely and securely.
  2. Let the app configure by itself. You will find a play store in-built in it. Open it to sign into your Google account.
  3. Once that’s done, you can search for the game in the search bar. Tap it to start downloading.
  4. Pokémon Duel will be downloaded in the next few minutes and you can finally play it on PC.

Using NoxPlayer

  1. Go to the site from where you can download the emulator easily.
  2. In addition, download the apk file of the game from your browser.
  3. When Nox opens, you will find a button on the bottom that says “Add apk file’. Click it to add Pokémon Duel’s file.
  4. The game is added to your Nox screen. You are now a click away from enjoying your game!

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