Rick and Morty is the greatest cartoon series produced by Adult Swims, and no one can debate on that. It has a cult following in mainstream media and it is the number one show on Cartoon Network. With such a massive fanbase, it is only fair that Rick and Morty’s fans got their game in the Play Store. Pocket Mortys is what you get when you mix Pokémon Go with grandson simulations.

You take on the role of the lovable mad scientist Mr Rick Sanchez who gets trapped in a parallel world that is filled with clones of himself and his grandson. The only way to escape is to defeat the Ricks by stacking an impressive deck of Mortys in your arsenal. The Ricks are evil spawns and it is up to you to solidify your route to freedom by getting rid of them. With so many Ricks to get rid of, it brings the famous Highlander quote to mind, ‘There can be only one.’

FULL NAME:Pocket Mortys
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Key Features Of Pocket Mortys

Morty Madness
This multiverse has a funny way of dealing with cards. You might expect there are normal clones of Morty scattered around but no, it is quite the opposite. You will find Morty in all forms possible, like Car Morty, Horse Morty and even Swamp Fest Morty. There are over three hundred versions of him that can be collected as cards. Variety truly is the spice of life in this game.

Trade Cards
Don’t be stingy with your cards! Trade them in with friends and foes alike. Customise your cards with cool upgrades that appeal to your fellow tradesmen. Who knows, maybe you can trade a stinky swamp Morty for a posh Car Racing Morty. In the world of Morty trading, you give something good and you will definitely get something better.

Battle For freedom
It is bad enough that you are Rick but it’s worse to have his clones milling around town. Get rid of them through intense card battles and top tier challenges. Invest in your wealth so you can grow your Morty army and save the world from yourself, literally. We all know this world has enough place for just one Rick Sanchez.

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Download for Windows

How To Download It On PC

Using Android emulators i.e. the devices responsible for running mobiles apps on the PC, we will obtain this game for play on our computer.

Download it using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a very efficient, easy-to-use Android emulator that lets you use your mobile apps on your PC. Let’s see how to obtain it on our system:

  1. There’s a site called www.bluestacks.com which allows safe and free download of Bluestacks. Visit the site to do the same.
  2. Bluestacks will configure automatically after successful installation. It has a play store pre-built. Open it and sign into Google as directed.
  3. Now, type ‘Pocket Mortys’ in the search bar. When you find it, click it for download.
  4. Pocket Mortys gets downloaded on your system and is available for use.

Download it using Nox

Another emulator we will be using is Nox. 

Download for Windows
  1. Download Nox from the site www.bignox.com.
  2. It comes pre-built with a play store. When you open it, sign into Google as directed.
  3. Search for the app in the search bar and click it for download.
  4. Your app finally gets downloaded on your system.

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