The abrasive confusion between various media players and contents creates chaos and wastes a lot of time. Hence, to organise the content at one place and provide real-time libraries over the internet, you should use Plex Server and applications. Plex works on the client-server model with the ancillary software suite. The Plex Server application organises media such as audio, video, and photos from online sources and the user’s own collection.  

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It enables the media player to access and stream the contents. Moreover, you can share your media libraries with your other devices or friends and family members. Plex Server provides a free account, but you need to purchase the Plex Pass subscription service for additional features. In 2019, Plex started streaming ad-supported videos of TV shows, movies, etc. globally to all the free Plex accounts. 

The Plex Media Server is the back-end media player component, which organises the contents. Therefore, you can stream the content over the internet across various devices. M4A tags or ID3 organises the server’s music library. For instance, title, artist, album, genre, popularity, year, etc. Using Plex Pass, you can access the entire music catalogue and select your favourite genre. Fortunately, Plex Server supports a plethora of devices such as iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and many others.

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Key features of the application

Plex Server provides many exciting features free of cost. So, look at some of the exciting ones listed below:

Organises content

You can use the Plex Server application to enjoy watching your videos, movies, TV shows, photos, music, and other contents anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it organises all of your media files in one place. Hence, a one-stop destination for all your TV and movie collections, your music library, home videos, and so on. Additionally, Plex Server will add a description, tags, posters, summaries, etc. specifically to all your media contents.

Keep track of your media

Plex Server provides real-time tracking of the media content. Because of an intriguing alignment of recently added content on the user-interface, it provides easy access and categorisation. It retains your last watched episode or time frame so that you can start from where you have left.

Endless Playlists

One of the significant features of Plex Server includes its accessibility. Due to which, once you have an account, you can hear your music literally anywhere. It supports a variety of audio and video formats. Moreover, you can create customised music or video playlists as per your need. And, you can even import existing iTunes playlists, ratings, track counts, and other details.

Easy Sharing

Plex Server allows you to seamlessly share your music, videos, movies, or even entire libraries with your friends and family members. Now, you can also witness what your friends are streaming from your collection because everyone gets their own view into your library. Hence, share your precious moments and vacation memories effortlessly.

Plex Pass Services

With a subscription plan, you can enjoy Plex Pass features and experience spectacular media services. You can control the media that your friends can access by restricting contents.  Additionally, it provides a mobile sync feature to load your contents on your smartphone. Hence, get a chance to enjoy premium music and photos services. For instance,  better artwork and artist bios, automatic lyrics from LyricFind, loudness levelling, sweet fades, visualizers, and more.

How to Download and install Plex Server in your PC 

Download for Windows

Plex Server has an infinite amount of useful features and services. So, to enjoy using them on your PC, you need to adhere to the steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, you need to install Plex Server on your PC from the link given on this page.
  2. Click on the link and wait for a few seconds to begin the download process.
  3. After the download has completed, locate the “Plex Server” file and double-click on it to start installing the application.
  4. A browser will pop-up and you need to create an account to start the server.
  5. Next, in the set-up wizard, you can configure your server and account. It will also allow you to add your home media files to your account.
  6. As soon as the server starts running, you can download and install apps for any of your devices.
  7. Finally, after connecting your devices, enjoy exploring the functionalities of various apps.

Note- Plex Server does not contain any user-interface. Since it works on the client-server model, you need to install Plex Web Apps to manage your server. 

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