Action-strategy games have risen to fame in recent times, all thanks to its simple nature of gameplay but creativity that sparks the imagination. Such games do play a positive toll on your mind and improve thinking capabilities.

But there is one innovative tower defense based strategy game for mobile phones that takes it to another level. Imagine, instead of armies fighting it off, plants and zombies were taking center stage?

FULL NAME:Plants Vs Zombies 2 for Windows
Download for Windows

What is Plants vs Zombies 2?

Plants vs zombies 2 is a strategy game that is based on a tower defense strategy. The focus is on Plants trying to defend their land from zombies through a line based strategical approach. Distributed by electronic arts, it been the talk of the 21st century even since its inception back in 2013. 

The game comprises several puzzles, strategic implementation of attacks, immersive audio/visual presentation of gameplay, and more. The entire game revolves around the positioning of plants in a line arrangement. Using special fungal attacks or other special powers, try defending off the zombie’s line by line in a strategic game that requires patience and creativity together.  

Suppose you thought the plants had an advantage over the zombies, its where you’re wrong. Twenty-six different zombies have unique features. The game comprises of adventure mode, puzzles, survival and zen garden as few of the modes. 

Plants Vs Zombies 2
Plants Vs Zombies 2
Download for Windows

Unfortunately, the game is playable only on an emulator. It’s available on both the app store and the play store. 

Key Features of Plants vs Zombies 2

Free of Cost

The game is free of cost and has no hidden charges other than the in-game purchases. 

Smooth User Interface

The entire user interface is fluid, like without any bugs or distortion. The new version brings a plethora of improvements that do make the game compelling and unique. 

Addictive Zombie-killing Paradigm

Through its attractive swipe gestures and power-based attacks, killing zombies gets exciting. The entire gameplay is filled with humor and packed with several mini-games to keep your mind glued to the game.  

How to Download and Install Plants Vs Zombies 2 on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Emulator

While the app cannot be downloaded directly onto the operating system, you will require an emulator. In this case, we are going to use Blue Stacks. Any other emulator that supports android will also do just fine. Download the emulator. 

  • Install it

After it finishes download, open it, and install the software by following the on-screen instructions. Upon successful installation, open the software and enter your credential on the play store. Search for the game and download it. 

  • Starting Playing the Game

Upon successful installation of the game, open it and start enjoying the unique and attractive world of Plant vs Zombies 2. 

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