Pixel fans, you are going to love this! This game is an action-packed first person shooting game that is packed with high voltage fun. It encourages competitive gameplay that is filled with super pixelated battles between players all over the world, garnering weapons as the spoils of war. Pixel Gun 3D is a must play if you like arcade FPS games with a dash of bright colours.

FULL NAME:Pixel Gun 3D
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Key Features Of Pixel Gun 3D

Different Modes
There are tons of cool modes you can play in. They incorporate all difficulty levels in them, from very simple to intensely challenging. Want to wage an all out war? Join the Battle Royale. Or if you are interested in sword duels, join the Duels’ playground. Every arena is skilfully built to meet the players’ expectations. In addition, these brawls rotate every week. So you will never run out of options.

Countless Weapons
Every weapon made in the history of humankind is perfectly pixelated in this game. From medieval swords to hand grenades, you can use them all. If you are looking for fantastical weapons, like the green smoke generator, you can find them in the 800+ collection of weaponry.

Choose Your Skin
Head into the battlefield in style. Dress yourself as a mighty Amazon warrior or a deathly Grim Reaper. Intimidation makes up a quarter of your armour so it is good to keep a stoic appearance. If you feel silly and want to engage in a fun round of duelling, you can customise your appearance using the fancy skin editor feature.

Community Clans
Join epic clashes with the community of Pixel Gun. There is a global map to conquer and you need the strongest allies to defeat your foes. The community is filled with players from all over the world. It is upto you to either befriend them or antagonise them. There are grand prizes for the powerful clans and if your clan is from among them, you can reap valuable rewards. These help to upgrade your fort and weapons, thereby increasing your resistance to sieges.

Pixel Gun 3D Official trailer 2017 - YouTube
Download for Windows

How To Download It On PC

There are different ways in which we can procure this game on our PC consoles. The most reliable method of them all is by using Android emulators. These emulators are responsible for running mobile apps on the system. As you can imagine, they are mostly used for playing mobile games. Bluestacks and NoxPlayer are two popular names in the world of emulators. That is why we will be using them here.

Download using Bluestacks

  1. Go to the site www.bluestacks.com. From there, you can download this emulator easily.
  2. Now when Bluestacks launches, go to the Play Store pre installed in it. It will ask you to sign into Google in order to access its features.
  3. Look up the app name using the store’s search bar. Then download the right one from the search results.
  4. After Pixel Gun 3D downloads, you can play it by clicking the game icon from the Bluestacks’ home screen.

Download using NoxPlayer

Download for Windows
  1. Go to the site www.bignox.com. From there, you can download this emulator easily.
  2. Upon launching, go to Nox’s Play Store prebuilt in it. Sign into Google in order to fully access its features.
  3. Now search for the app’s name. Select the right one from the download results.
  4. Using the NoxPlayer, you can now run Pixel Gun 3D on PC.

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