An intensely challenging rhythm game developed for Android, Piano Tiles 2 is the second game of the Piano Tiles series. The goal is the same; reproduce popular songs on the tiles gliding across your screen. It does sound simple but as you keep playing, the speed of the moving tiles increases. If you press the keys at the right time, you can continue to enjoy the melody. But if you miss even once, then the game ends and you have to start all over again. You are bound to enjoy this game if you think you have good reflexes. The music selection incorporates popular songs from all over the world so you are sure to love it.

FULL NAME:Piano Tiles 2
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Key Features Of Piano Tiles 2

Multiple Instruments
The name may be called Piano Tiles but you can play with more than one instrument. In Piano Tiles 2, an assorted range of instruments lie at your service, namely harmonica, nylon guitar, celesta, harp and vibraphone. There are plenty more where they came from. So if you ever tire of listening to the sound of ivory keys, you can shift to the sound of other heavenly instruments.

Expansive Library
From Beethoven to Taylor swift, every tune is covered in the Piano Tile’s library. Currently, there are over 200+ songs you can choose from. The online feature lets you load songs from online sources. Feel the music reverberate through your fingers as your reproduce songs on your magical tiles.

Offline Mode
This has to be the best feature of the game. Internet connection is no longer mandatory. You can play the game in a place at any time you want without having to worry about no wifi or using up your precious data. Any time you are bored or stuck in a place with no internet, you can just whip your phone out and start jamming out to some classical tunes.

Piano Tiles 2 Free Download PC Game (2020 Updated)
Download for Windows

Lovely Graphics
Part of Piano Tile’s appeal comes from the vibrant graphics of the gameplay. Every time you press a tile correctly, it glows into a satisfying luminescent hue. Combine that with the gentle music flowing from your touch and it results into a very satisfying gameplay experience.

How To Download It On PC

Using Bluestacks

  1. Bluestacks can be downloaded easily from its official site Just click on the download link and wait a few minutes for download to finish.
  2. In the Bluestacks’ home screen, there is a Play Store. Click it open and sign into Google like it asks you to.
  3. Then search for the app through the search bar. When you find it, tap the icon to initiate download.
  4. Piano Tiles 2 will successfully download on your PC console.

Using NoxPlayer

Download for Windows
  1. NoxPlayer is available for download from its website Click on the download link and give it a few minutes to process fully.
  2. When Nox opens, look for the Play Store on its home screen. Using this inbuilt store, you can search for Piano Tiles 2.
  3. Make sure you sign in to Google before you download the game from the store.
  4. Finally, the game is installed in the system and you can play Mozart on your PC screen.

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