Developed by MOOII Tech, a Korean based company is graphic editing software. Using this software users can edit images and photographs even the ones from mobile phones. Users can perform simple photo editing operations easily as this is quite simple to use the software. This software works on both the Windows and Mac operating systems, though it is still not available on the Linux operating system. 

FULL NAME:PhotoScape for Windows
Download for Windows

What is PhotoScape?

The PhotoScape application is quite popular amongst the users due to its simple and easy to use interface. Users can design without any interference from different icons as these icons are hidden and aren’t clustered. 

This software is free for all users. Skins can be retouched, colors can be corrected, photos can be managed and images can be viewed easily using this software. As the control tool is simple users don’t need to spend a lot of their precious time learning them. Even a PC with low system specifications can run this app easily, hence it edits the image faster. The interface is quite universal with quite a lot of tabs on the start screen.

 The software comes with nine options. These options make amazing and unique transformation in any image. Some of the main options which are available in the PC version include: – images can be viewed in a folder, photos can be zoomed easily, searching and selection of colors, slideshow creation, and animated GIFs. The software can resize pictures, brightness, and color settings. Some basic features are available too which includes red-eye removal, the addition of frames, using of a brush, stamp and mosaic mode. 

The additions languages can be download while the software is available initially in English and Korean language.  

Download for Windows

List of Features of PhotoScape 

Batch Editor: – Using this feature users can edit different photos at a single time. This feature is useful as users can implement editing in numerous pictures at once. 

Color Picker: – The RGB color program code can be implemented by the user.

Raw Converter: – The actual pictures can be transformed, form the raw file format into the jpg file so that the editing of the pictures is simple without any hassle.

Rename: – The file can be re-named by using this feature.

Animated GIF: – A unique feature that allows you to create image files into amazing and funny GIFs.

Language Support: – This software support different languages hence it is useful for those users who want to use this software in their native language.

Screen Capture: – Using this software users can keep the track of their progress by capturing the screenshot and saving it. 

Print:– Using this feature users can print the edited photos.

Collage:– Using this feature multiple photos can be merged to create a single photo.

Support:– This software supports all the version of the Windows Operating System (Windows 10/8/7/XP/ Vista)

How to Download and Install PhotoScape

Download for Windows
  • Users can download the software from its official site. Navigate the site for the download link. Click on the download link to start the download of the installer of PhotoScape.
  • Follow the instruction to complete the installation. Click Finish to complete the installation. Double click on the exe file either on the desktop or the location where you installed the application. Now your application will run.  

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