In this social spotlight era, pictures are an essential factor that describes anyone’s life, so why not include Photopea in your life. These days no one uploads a picture without editing it. From ordinary people to the people who have careers related to photography use photo editing apps for the perfect shot.

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The camera takes raw images with its pre-set level of lighting and precision, which needs to be processed most of the time. The Photopea editing app gives us a second chance to review the image with different saturation and colourcast amounts. Picture editing can make ordinary pictures extra-ordinary with a small part of the effort. There are various apps available for this, and Photopea is one of them.

Photopea is an image editor for Windows PC. It is an advanced editor that works in a web browser. It can work with both raster and vector graphics. You can use Photopea in different dimensions, such as resizing images and designing web pages, creating illustrations, processing photos, and many more. Recently it works with the SRGB color space, with 8-bit color depth. You can access Photopea by visiting It can run on any device such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. 

For the best results, it is recommended that you use on the big screen along with mouse and keyboard. This will make this app more comfortable for cropping unwanted backgrounds, cleaning the picture, correcting colours, sharpening photos, adjusting contrast, curve, and enhancing the look of any image. It can be used to increase the picture’s potential by adding text, which increases the scope of business through advertisement. Editing requires a unique skill-set, but this app makes it easy for users with its large variety of options with different colours, textures, filters, and outlooks. 


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Download for Windows

●      Safe and secure

It’s entirely safe and secured. It is smooth with its working system. It does not demand to upload the file on the internet. Thus, the photos remain secured in the device.

●      Does not need internet

Photopea supports a wide variety of offline mode features, and even after disconnecting the PC from the internet, it can be used offline. 

●      Easy to use

The workspace of Photopea is simple to use and similar to other photo editors. It consists of a Toolbar on the left, a Sidebar on the right, the Working area in the middle, and the Top menu.

●      User-friendly

Its interface and feature list are quite familiar and would be easy for anyone who has used photoshop. It is free of cost and has the power to keep many users away from purchasing a photo editing software which requires monthly subscription fees. 

Photopea supports different file formats from JPG, GIF to actual PSD files. Photopea also supports layers required for complex editing.

●      Advanced tools

Its toolset is impressive as it contains layers, brush, eraser, smudge tools, etc., which are rarely available for free. With the help of these described tools, you will feel not face any difficulties during editing.


Step 1:- Open your internet browser and search the Photopea application by using it.

Step 2:- Download the apk file of the Photopea application from the option available.

Download for Windows

Step 3:- After the downloading task is completed, click on the install button.

Step 4:- Follow the process and let the installation process get completed.

Step 5:- Now go to your home screen, where you will find the app’s icon. Click on the icon and start to enjoy its features.

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