Are you a sports person, then PES 2016 is the right choice for a football game for you? It is the best game of all time as soccer games are concerned. PES 2016 is also known as pro evolution soccer 2016, which is a fifteenth edition game of the most popular known football simulation game which was developed by PES production and was released by Konami in the last months of 2015 that’s why it is known as the fifteenth edition of pro evolution soccer franchise.


This game made a new space in the audience as it focused on expanding its roster of an officially licensed team and a recreation of the stadium from almost all over the world. It also promotes the world’s largest football leagues like the UEFA super cup, UEFA champion’s league, and UEFA Europa League. Some special attention was given to UEFA Euro 2016 competition, which was given as a free update in 2016, which made this game reach more popularity. 

In the year 2016, this game was enhanced with many better features like better animation and better handling the ball, and the main focus was to increase the control of players in the field and better graphics, which made this game even more realistic. Even the visual presentation was enhanced to make it more resemble the real TV broadcast, with adding up 16 officially licensed realistic stadiums and some unlicensed stadiums too. The game was also enhanced by adding new teams, national teams, and leagues.

Even today, after so many years of marketing, PES 2016 is ranked one of the best-reviewed games by the franchise, and the new release of Pro Evolution Soccer is giving tough competition to other games in soccer simulation games. And enjoy the best experience of soccer gaming with PES 2016.


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  • Advanced collision system:-This feature involves an improved collision system by calculating how the players will interact and giving a unique outcome depending on the type of impact provided by the collision.
  • The perfect defense: – This feature gives you access to performing a unique and ideal time tackle, which will shock the opponent, and the ball will be yours. While you defend or counter attack your opponents, you can tackle in different and unique ways and take away the ball.
  • Goalkeeper: – This feature involves the movement of the goalkeeper, and his parameters have also been improved, which will differ on catching the ball rather than punching it and are best at stopping the ball from close ranges.
  • Human motion:- As the humanize players movement, and 3x new animations are also added to the game to make the game even more realistic goalkeeper are kept in abundance to save the animations, and the other players can pass, shoot, dribble and tackle in many varieties depending on the situation.
  • Commentary:-WAO! New commentators have been added from UK and Germany like Peter Drury and Marco Hageman, which has taken PES 2016 to a new gaming level.  


Step 1:- Open a browser of your choice and search for PES 2016.

Step 2:- Open its official site and click on download.

Step 3:- Once downloaded, open the folder where it is located and double-click on it.

Step 4:- An installation window will appear, then click on install.

Step 5:- Follow the steps given on the screen and finally click on finish.

Step 6:- Your PES 2016 is installed; click on the icon created by it, and start playing.

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