All About Perfect World

If you are a big fan of MMORPG games, then get ready for here is a short slide to a pool full of fun. The battlefield is set, everyone awaits your arrival. So sink in your character and get ready for some action. The Perfect World video game is absolutely perfect with its storyline and character developments. The player gets to invite their friends and even choose their character. 

FULL NAME:Perfect World
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The player can customize their looks and decide the attires that will help them to fight their enemies. You get to pick your race, plus, you get to pick your fights. The player can either join the winged Elf or an invincible Human, or the Untamed Tiger. The enemies are furious and waiting to slit your throat.  

Key Features of Perfect World

Marvellous Graphics

In the game, the player will get to fight against the creatures that are considered to be human’s imagination – Wizards, Cleric, and Blade masters. When you face them, you will know how real they are. The high FPS makes the characters look lifelike. 

In-Game Additionals – Weapons

The game is free to install but once you start battling in the field, you will require gears. The weapons in the game have magical powers so make sure to give your best and earn an upgrade after each battle. There are levels and as you advance you will earn points and be able to purchase new lethal weapons to fight your enemies. You can call your friends, join a race, and fight off the fiends away. 

Perfect World Mobile 1.316.0 for Android - Download
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When you are a pro-gamer there is a threat of your account being stolen. The game comes with a Phone Lock System to protect your account from being hacked. This way you can easily focus on the battle. The game has been modeled in a way that you can move easily across the battlefield and wield your weapons. 

Steps for Downloading and Installing Perfect World on Your PC Using Android Emulator

When you download the game using an Android Emulator, you get bonus features like Multi-Instance Sync, Rerolling, Macros, and Eco Mode. Catch the game on your PC and Mac with an Android Emulator, and be sure to play in your language.


  1. The first step will be to download BlueStacks. Go to the Play Store, search for BlueStacks on your PC.
  2. Install the Emulator and launch it. 
  3. Download the APK file if you do not have it. If you already have it, then drag and drop it into the BlueStacks app.
  4. Next, open the app, and in the search bar, look for Perfect World.


  1. Download and install the NoxPlayer on your PC.
  2. Next, download the appropriate APK file or drag the APK file in your PC to the Emulator and drop it in the NoxPlayer app.
  3. Search for Perfect World in the search bar of the NoxPlayer app. 
  4. Click on the icon of the game to download and install the app.

Steps for Downloading and Installing Perfect World on Your Mac 

Download for Windows
  1. In the Apple menu, find the System Preferences option on the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. The Security and Privacy option will appear, next click on the General option.
  3. Change the Allow Applications Downloaded From to Anywhere.
  4. Lastly, download and install BlueStacks. 
  5. Now, you can follow the same steps as above and install Perfect World on your Mac.

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