PDF’s are an easy way to safeguard information and make a document look presentable. But then it comes with its drawbacks.

While it might seem sophisticated, making changes is never feasible. Especially when you are using adobe, yes, you will have to pay for editing anything in the PDF.

In times like these, there is an alternative that lets you edit, change, crop and do much more in a PDF file. 

FULL NAME:PDF Eraser for Windows

What is PDF Eraser?

PDF eraser is the most straightforward software that lets users modify PDF files. The software helps in removing/addition logos, text, images and other objects in the files. The free alternative adds a watermark to the edited files. 

The software is highly capable of removing unwanted clutter from the PDF files without any conversion. Along with this, users can add in texts, images, logos, testimonials and more upon your preference. Also, removing pages is feasible through its page cutter feature. 

Changing texts and other written scripts can be modified based on fonts, size and colour. The images in the formats of PNG, JPF, BMP or GIF are supported. There is an undo button for reversing an edit. Any changes made will be saved as an object. These objects are used in making multiple changes through the PDF file.  

PDF Eraser
PDF Eraser
Download for Windows

There is a pro version of the software but it isn’t expensive. The software is available for all versions of Windows ranging from XP to 10. 

Key Features of PDF Eraser

  • Addition/deletion of Content from PDF files

Getting rid of unwanted clutter is the first and foremost features of PDF eraser. Also, the removal of many things such as texts, images, logos, etc. is a feasible option. 

  • PDF Page Cutter

Getting rid of unwanted pages in a PDF is possible. Even on scanned PDF pages, bulk deletion of pages can be executed with a click of a button. 

  • Rotate PDF Pages

For better orientation, PDF eraser offers the option of rotating single. Multiple pages to get the best viewing angle of the information. 

How to Download and Install PDF Eraser on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Installation Package

The installation file can be downloaded from the software’s official website. There are specific third-party websites as well that hosts the installer. Download it. 

  • Install the Software 

Once the installer is downloaded, open it and follow the on-screen instructions of installing the software. Let the software install. 

  • Run it

After successful installation, open the software and enjoy seamless PDF decluttering features of a particular PDF file. 

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