Playstation 2 has a special place in all our hearts. It served our childhoods well with a plethora of games based on popular cartoons, movies and anime. If you didn’t own a Nintendo as a kid, then you definitely owned a Playstation 2. It reigned as the ultimate gaming console for at least a decade before being toppled over by up and coming consoles like Xbox. Regardless, it left an indelible mark in both gaming history and gamer hearts.


It came as no surprise then when this love for PlayStation 2 compelled a group of developers to create the PCSX software. PCSX is a PlayStation 2 emulator that enables users to play PlayStation2 games on their PC consoles. It is probably one of the first game consoles to have its own emulator. It comes with a high level of operability, allowing it to run on multiple platforms spanning from Linux to the latest version of Windows. In addition, it comes embedded with network plays and plug-in features that make it a fan favourite in the emulating community. We shall look at more of its features below.

Key Features Of PCSX

Variable Controllers
You can use whatever device you want to control the emulator. And when we say whatever, we mean you can even use your Xbox controller!

configurar emulador pcsx2 - EmuConsolas

High-Resolution Gameplay
Believe it or not, you can play the oldest PS2 games in customisable resolutions. This means you can level up the resolution to HD, making it look twice as amazing as it does on your Playstation. 

Unlimited Memory Cards
The harrowing fear of not being able to save games is perished using emulators. Now play tons of games without worrying over insufficient memory storage. In fact, you can save progress at any random point in the game. It will load from that exact point when you resume it.

Record Your Game
PCSX comes with an inbuilt recorder that lets you record your gameplay in its entirety. Pretty cool huh?

How To Download On System

Lucky for you, you can get all OS download links on one page i.e. the official page of PCSX. The link for this site is given as follows:
You will find additional files on the site that act as enhancements to the emulator. It goes to show that PCSX knows how to cater wonderfully to its consumers. 

Download on PC

  1. Go to the link given above. Here you will find a link titled as ‘Windows’. Click it open.
  2. You will be directed to another page that has links to different packages. Click the first one among them.
  3. Consequently, an exe file is downloaded to your system. Run this file.
  4. Keep skimming through the installation instructions until PCSX is finally installed on your PC console.

Download on Mac

  1. Again, go to the same link as above. Here, click the link that is titled as ‘Mac’.
  2. You will be directed to another page that consists of different emulator versions. Choose any one.
  3. When the emulator’s exe file is downloaded, run it on your Mac.
  4. Skim through the installation instructions until PCSX is finally installed on your Macbook.

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