Have you ever plugged in a USB to your system and have it reported as ‘unknown device’? Have you ever wondered why that happens? It is because your system is not trained to recognise all sorts of devices unless an external guide helps it do so. PC Wizard is one such guide. It is marked for being one of the most popular system information software in the freeware market.


It is a hardware diagnostic tool that is responsible for detecting flash drives, USBs and other plug-ins. In addition, it also monitors the overall system performance by tracking each individual working component of the system such as cache, RAM and hard drive. Altogether, it works as a supervisor of sorts with its routine check-ups and detection tests that help improve the speed and performance of the CPU.

Key Features Of PC Wizard

Information Display
The PC Wizard comes with a simple layout which is divided into two columns; name of the device and performance statistics.  Every component and device that exists on the system is put on the Wizard’s radar. Real times performance stats of these devices are provided in the table. Devices include sensors, hard drive, memory storage devices and their profiles, graphic cards and even input devices like the keyboard and mouse.

Regular Updates
Even if your PC is an old model, it will be able to recognise new components and devices. This is solely because of the Wizard’s magic weaving around the motherboard. This PC Wizard is updated once every month. New device diagnostics are fed into the software through these updates so it never remains out of touch with devices of the advanced technological era. And by consequence, your old-fashioned PC keeps up with the tech standards.

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Freely Available
It is a wonder that such a state of the art software is freely available for download on all devices. But that’s the truth. The only peril of downloading this freeware application is that you have to bear the brunt of ads. But hey, as long as your system is being greatly benefited by the magic of PC Wizard, that can be ignored right?

How To Download On PC

PC Wizard is a must have accessory for your system. In order to download it, we will be visiting Softonic’s library. Why Softonic? Because it hosts virus-free download links to all your favourite softwares.

  1. Go to the link https://pc-wizard.en.softonic.com/download. Here, you will find a button that says ‘Free Download For Windows’. Click it to proceed.
  2. You will see an exe file is automatically downloaded upon clicking that button. Run this file on your PC.
  3. Skim through the installation instructions until the end. PC Wizard will promptly be installed after the last ‘Install Now’ button.

Unfortunately, PC Wizard is unavailable for Mac powered devices. But there are great alternatives that you can look into if you are seeking for softwares similar to the PC Wizard. Here’s the link to go through those applications: https://alternativeto.net/software/pc-wizard/ 

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