When we use our PC, we often fail to get safe and reliable software from where we can download all other software or updates for free as per our daily requirements. Patch My PC is one such software with more than 300 commonly used software and its latest version. This software is user friendly, and one doesn’t have to learn much about operating this software effectively.


When you open this software, it will scan your computer for any out-dated software and signal it as red if there is any update available for that software. If there is no update available, it signals that software with green. For the software you haven’t downloaded on the PC, it is signalled with black. Updating our PC with the latest version of the software is crucial for our PC’s security and updating any software comes along with new features, which is always better than the previous version. The fundamental thing you can do to be safe on the internet is that you should always try to be updated with the latest secure version. Because as hackers are always looking for any out-dated software that is easy to hack.

Feature of this software:- 

Patch My PC: Simplify Third-Party Patching in Microsoft SCCM and Intune

  • Quality Support: – Usually, while using this software, you will not come across any problem, but when you do have any difficulties with the software, you can always go to the support forum, which is available for the help of the user. This forum will help to solve any problem you are having related to this software.
  • Stay Secure:- The PC, which is not updated regularly, is mostly the favorable choice for the hacker who is looking to violate your privacy and use it for illegal activities, which always affect your life in the worst possible way. This software helps you be equipped with the best possible security for particular software by regularly updating it.
  • Save time: – This software has an awe-inspiring feature that can automatically update all the software on the PC. This software feature helps to save you the tedious and time-consuming process of checking for updates of software you are using, and then download the update if available, and after that install it on your PC. With the feature of auto-update and installation, you don’t have to do these things, which consumes a lot of our necessary time.
  • IT Pro’s Options:- Any IT professional always want their PC to be sure from the hacker, as in their PC all their essential and confidential information. They are extra careful with their PC’s security, so they often try to be updated with the latest version of every software. But due to their too packed day-to-day work, they often fail to do so; this software helps them be updated with the latest version of the software without spending lots of time and energy on it.
  • Portable: – Patch My PC software can easily be transferred from one PC to another PC only through a pen drive, as this software doesn’t require any installation. It’s also an essential feature as you can take this software to every single PC you are planning to work on.
  • Quality Testing: – Every software update in Patch My PC is tested correctly by the software itself to avoid any convince for the users. Patch My PC updates are pushed to detect any installation and malware problem so that the user doesn’t have any issues during installation or the running of the new updated software.

Steps to download and use Patch My PC:-

Step 1:- Search for Patch My PC on Google.

Step 2:- Go to and click on Free Updater on the top of the taskbar.

Step 3:- Click on downloads from the dropdown menu and download the latest version of Patch My PC.

Step 4:- Open Patch My PC. The first panel that will pop-up is the apps panel, where you can see all your applications-which one is updated and which one needs an update.

Step 5:- By default, all the out-dated applications are selected. Start the download option; the latest version of the app will be downloaded and installed.

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