Web browsers these days are often clones of one another. While they get the job done of providing necessary results, there aren’t any innovations made in the field. The leading players are Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and others.

It’s quite hard to find web browsers that are packed with plenty of features with minimalistic design to enhance the user interface or is it??

FULL NAME:Pale Moon for Windows
Download for Windows

What is Pale Moon?

Based on Mozilla FireFox, the web browser is a powerful tool that incorporates an optimized layout system and rendering engine (Goanna). The browser came to existence several years ago and provides stability and an interactive user interface. 

Pale moon is all about web browsing, customization, and efficiency. As a modern-day replacement for a web browser, it packs all the features of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Also based on Goanna, the graphic rendering pages might seem to be different because of the color accuracy and gradient correction. The web browsers support JavaScript’s ECMAscript 6 standard. 

The browser is safe and secure with periodic updates being rolled out to ensure user satisfaction. Also, smooth and speedy page loadings are one of its many features. The customizability that the browser offers is unparalleled to other web browsers. The user can easily adjust the text, skins, interface, gradients and more. 

Pale Moon
Pale Moon
Download for Windows

There are custom security features and measure taken to keep the browser safe. Based on an open-source project right from Mozilla Firefox, it offers the same level of protection as the later. The browser is available on Windows versions 7 to 10 and Linux as well. 

Key features of Pale Moon

  • Several Customization Features 

The web browser supports a great deed of customizability features along with snappy and quick page drawing features makes it efficient and doesn’t take up much RAM as well in its operation. 

  • Great Support for Extensions

The browser has a complete set of themes and extensions based of Mozilla Firefox. Through its migration tool, all themes, extensions can be imported. Also, there is support for WebGL, CSS3 and HTML5

How to Download and Install Pale Moon on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Installation Package

The installation package can be found on the browser’s official websites or through any third-party sites. Download the required version of the file. 

  • Install it

Open the installer and follow the set of given instructions. Let the installation complete. 

  • Start Browsing

Once the installation is complete, open the browser from the shortcut on the desktop. The user can set the browser as default from the system settings. 

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