Are you an artist looking for a perfect yet compact painting tool? Here is your solution! The Paint tool SAI is by far, one of the best software used for editing graphics and digital painting. Now, no need to keep worrying even if your computer is old. Why? It is because the Paint tool SAI doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your PC. All your painting wants can be satisfied through this software. Unleash the artist hidden inside you with this program!


Download Paint Tool SAI

The Paint Tool SAI is considered as an advanced digital painting and graphics editing software. The less-space taking feature of this software works in wonder for PCs having older versions of Windows, and it can also work correctly on the newer windows versions. Draw your heart out in this incredible paint tool!

Features of Paint Tool SAI

No need to search for efficient painting software on the internet! Because now you can have Paint Tool SAI for your use. Some of its features are as follows:

Simple Interface

The Paint tool SAI has an easy to use and streamlined interface, thus giving the users access to a large variety of painting options.

Digitizer Support

Painting the way you like is now simple due to the digitizer support that the Paint tool SAI provides you with. The pressure sensor is also added alongside the digitizer support for your convenience.

Anti-Aliased Artworks

You no longer need to worry about the quality of your artwork! Why? Well, it is because the Paint tool SAI helps you in making your drawings anti-aliased. Which, in turn, improves your paintings.

16 bit ARGB Channels

paint tool sai-logo by putrifeb on DeviantArt

Get ready to show people any colour you want! The 16 ARGB Channels helps you in creating unique compositions and which makes your artworks look just the way you want.

Intel MMX Technology Supported

With the support of MMX Technology, the paint tool SAI is easier and faster for your use.

Incredible Painting Equipment

In this software, you can choose from a variety of drawing tools which includes different types of brushes, pens (pressure-sensitive pen support as well), watercolours, and comprehensive painting tools as well.

Installation Requirements of Paint Tool SAI

There are some conditions that your system must need for Paint tool SAI to work on your PC efficiently. Following are the conditions that your device must meet:

  • The operating system required for Paint tool Sai is Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  • Minimum required RAM for Paint tool SAI is 1 GB.
  • The CPU Intel needs to be 450 MHz or later.
  • A minimum of 512 free Hard-disk drive space is required.
  • The Graphics card should be of 1024×768 Resolution “32bit True Colour” screen.

How to download and Install Paint tool SAI on your PC

If you want to download Paint tool SAI on your Windows, but you don’t know the way, then you can follow the steps given below:

  1. First, you need to download the Paint tool SAI software from the link provided here.
  2. After that, the file will be available on your download folder, double-click on the file.
  3. Then, an installation process will prompt.
  4. After that, a Paint Tool shortcut will be available on the Desktop, and you will have to double-click on it.
  5. Then again, a setup process for installing the software will come up.
  6. Complete the process, and your software will be launched automatically.
  7. Just in case it doesn’t launch on its own, you can open it manually from your Desktop.

And there you go, have fun drawing. You can now enjoy your excellent painting tool at your fingertips!

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