Unleash the artistic creature in yourself and display your innovative ideas on 3D Paint—one of the best software to bring your vision to the real world. The application is available only for the Windows system. The software helps you to create your views in every. You can easily make 3D models and 2D designs according to your choice. The various effects available in this application allow you to have fun while creating your masterpiece.  The multiple tools available in this application are oil brush, calligraphy pen, eraser, spray can, various texture tools, having different canvas, etc. All these features on the same platform, isn’t it amazing?

Download for Windows

The artistic options are always available at a wide range in this software. So now, you get an attractive customized model within a short period. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert. You can always make your way through this software. This software acts as a head start for those who would like to kick their career in the animation field. So what are you waiting for when you can bring your imagination to life.

Key features

  • Highly touch compatible: This is one of the cleanest features of the software. Here users do not require a pen or touch screen to make the model. So now, this feature gives a more realistic feel while you start editing.
  • 3D animation: This real-time feature allows you to make 3-dimensional models, which gives them a realistic touch. You can even save your creation in various formats like GIF, 3D images, or MP4 format.
  • The software is free of cost, and you do not have to invest a single penny from your pocket. Getting so many features and flexibility is just incredible.
  • Friendly interface: The interface is simple to enjoy the features without facing any difficulty. So now, you can make these models without any hardships.
  • Unlimited designs: There are many designs available by which you can create any model if you are falling short of time. So now, if you lack ideas, then Paint 3D will act as your saviour.
Paint 3D: make edits from any angle
Download for Windows
  • Wide range of tools: The unlimited option of the available art tools makes the software the user’s choice. You are not bound with limited options here. You can utilize different tools for different artwork.
  • Presence of canvas: This feature allows you to add two-tone to the background. You can even rotate the animation and, at the same time, can turn it upside down.
  • Text support: This software allows you to add texts of different fonts, colors, and styles to your creation. Not only this, you can even add the 3D effect on your text. This feature distinguishes it from the rest.
  • 3D Doodle: You are allowed to doodle shapes of your own choice. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the start and endpoint should converge while making.

Steps to download and install Paint 3D on your device:-

Step 1:- Click on your desired browser and search the name of the software application.

Step 2:- Now, you will be redirected to the required page of the website.

Step 3:- Once the results are available, click on the Free Download option available on your screen.

Step 4:- As soon as you click the above option, you are taken to the Windows store from where you will download the application.

Step 5:- Once the download is done, install the application and launch it now.

Download for Windows

Step 6:- The icon of 3D Paint is available on your screen. Now you can easily enjoy the best features of the software.

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