Web development comprises of different aspects of coding, creating and hosting of the website. Driving traffic to a particular website is what makes the site rank higher on searches. But keeping track of the hosting part is never easy.

Though it might seem to be running on the creator’s computer, for others, it may not work. Its where software’s like oversite come into the picture to make a difference. 

FULL NAME:OverSite for Windows
Download for Windows

What is OverSite?

Oversite is a software that helps user monitor the connection of the internet or website. The software provides a comprehensive array of information as to when the site/internet was up/down. Through its timeline interface, multiple sites can be accessed and monitored for its availability. 

Loosing of traffic form a website could mean the site isn’t running, its where oversite comes into the picture. Monitoring such events and preventing them is what the software is created. Checking whether the site is online/offline can be tracked. 

Oversite uses an internet control message protocol to determine the status of the website. One can add, remove or edit a site on the software. It works on the background to provide a graphical representation of the website’s status of running. 

Download for Windows

Also, the software takes the website name in an IP address format. HTTP/https formats aren’t supported. The user can access history logs of the websites added, removed or edited. 

The application is available on the Windows platform right from vista to 10. 

Key features of OverSite

  • Simple User Interface 

The user interface showcases graphical images along with the timeline feature of the site’s availability online. It makes it easier to understand and take swift affection. 

  • Multiple Website Tracking

The software lets users add multiple sites and track their activity. Only through IP addresses can these websites be added onto the software.  

  • Robust Software

The software is quite safe and made secure. Though it might be light in size, its features and ability to do things are unparallel in contrast. 

How to Download and Install OverSite on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Software Installer Package

The software is available on third-party site. Google oversite and you will be given a list of sites from where the user can download the program. 

  • Install the software

Once downloaded, open the software and follow the set of on-screen instructions. After which let the software install.  

  • Start Tracking

There will be a shortcut on the desktop for the program after successful installation. Open it, start adding websites and continue monitoring their activity online. 

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