One of the most challenging tasks in a game is to survive. Though payers can save their games based on the accomplishments made, most games have an autosave feature which eliminates manual save mode. One such game is outward. 

Outward is a survivability game that tests the patience, endurance, and fighting skills of the characters and the player. The sole background of the game is survivability and nothing else. Players can train their characters as per their wish to gain more knowledge in combat. 

The game was developed by Nine dots and published by deep silver. It is available on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, play station four and Xbox One. The game was launched back in 2019. 

What are Mods?

Mods are external inputs that are created by fans to improve the overall gameplay of the game. These include various alterations and enhancements to personalize the game accordingly. You can use these mods to address any bug fixes or other changes to the game. Mods are made entirely by fans to elevate the gameplay and experience of playing the game. 

List of Mods for Outward 

Multiplayer Limit Remover

For a multiplayer action scenario, this mod is for you. Though the mod may/may not work if you are playing with several people, it sure will if you are playing with a limited number of people online.  

Better Armour Details

For those that are looking to improve the appearance of their armour? Then this mod if for you. The mod helps in elevating the overall textures, contrast, saturation and sharpness of the armour for a more compulsive look and feel to the characters.  

Better Armor Detail
Better Armor Detail

VanillaFX – Reshade Pre-Set 

To improve the overall colour gamete of the user interface of the game, the mod helps in altering the colour balance and make sit more lifelike rather than have an orange/brown filter which distorts the game considerably. 

Reshade VanillaFX
Reshade VanillaFX

Better Weapon Textures 

The mod does what it says. It improves the overall textures, graphics and appearance of the weapons to make it more lifelike and bring about the various depth and shades of the weapons. 

MagIR – Magical Item Rebalance 

The game is all about learning tactics and strategies to defeat your enemies. Though this mod, the reduction of mana is zero eliminated. And the mod also gives you the chance to sacrifice health over mana to improve the longevity and continuity of the game. 

MagIR Mod
MagIR Mod

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