You have been using Google accounts like your email since you could recall. Its features and services are highly rated. Have you ever tried the Microsoft Office suite tool kit?

FULL NAME:Outlook 2016

If you have not, then we are sorry to say that you have been missing out on some of the best services in the world.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 has been providing email services to people for a long time now. It has had many updates since then and keeps adding more additional features. Apart from the usual email messages that you can exchange with people, you can also make it your personal diary.

You can send and receive emails from any and various sources on Outlook 2016. Aside from the email features like delayed emails, calendaring the schedule in a mail, you can also save contact numbers using Outlook 2016. 

Outlook 2016 is safe, and all your data is put under walls of security that no malware will be able to penetrate. With this sense of safety, you can use Outlook 2016 to perform many crucial and personal tasks.

Key Features of Outlook 2016 

Simple User Interface

The user interface of Outlook 2016 is simple. You will be able to understand its workings in no time. The management of your emails becomes comprehensible with it. You can schedule your emails, keep track of your emails, and you can add the dates in emails to your calendar. The last point makes it clear that you will never miss out on any moments in your life.

Set a Reminder or Store Your Data 

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Outlook 2016 has numerous features and functions. You can set a reminder for making payments or for an appointment and forget it. When the time comes, the outlook 2016 calendar will notify you of the same. This will make meeting deadlines easy. You can even store your messages or contact for quick and easy access to them. 

Security and Privacy Maintained

The Outlook 2016 is standing its ground firm against malware and possible threats. These protect your devices and your personal data. All the security threats are dealt with at the threshold, keeping the information on your Outlook 2016 account safe and sound. When you get so many possible outcomes, it is best to get it quickly.

Steps to Download and Install Outlook 2016 for Free on PC

Though Outlook 2016 may be available at a price, but it is possible to install it for free from secure third-party sources. Even check out the Microsoft Office subscription plans.

  1. Do a quick Google search to download Outlook 2016 for free. You can even download it using this link: Remember, when you install Outlook 2016 for free, you will be taken to a third-party site.
  2. From the third-party site, install the app and then launch it.
  3. After launching the Outlook 2016, adjust the settings and create an account to start using the application.

Steps to Download and Install Outlook 2016 for Free on Mac

To download and install Outlook 2016 on Mac, you must have macOS X Yosemite 10.10 or a later version. Again, check the Microsoft Office subscription plans before to know the Office versions you can work on side by side.

  1. Go to the following site and download Outlook 2016 on your macOS software:
  2. After installing Outlook 2016, create an account and fix the options in the settings according to your requirements.

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