Open world games genuinely make the difference when you are into playing games that look richly packed with graphical enhancements and textures. No doubt, the storyline might be a bit redundant, but then it does make up for the way it allows users to play the game. One such title is outer worlds. 

As simple as the name might sound, the game is packed with an open-world exploration of planets and other galaxies through the space hub. Characters can have up to two NPC characters with them that have specialization in different fields. 

Choosing characters, fighting combats and elevating the space exploration race is what makes the game different from the rest. The game was developed by obsidian entertainment and published by private division. It was launched on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, play station4 and Xbox one. The game was released in 2019. 

The Outer Worlds Mod
The Outer Worlds Mod

What are Mods?

Mods are few to many changes that are fan-based of the game. It helps in getting a unique overview of a particular match and ensures that players can have a whole new perspective of playing the title. There are different mods for different abilities that people can try out to enhance their gameplay and feasibility of the game. 

List of Mods for Outer Worlds 

REM over ADA

Missing waifu’s in the game? Then this is your chance in adding them by replacing the ADA in the game. It’s quite discrete but makes all the difference no matter what. But ensure that the mod is installed adequately. Failure to install it properly might not change anything whatsoever in the game. 

Better ADA Portrait

If you feel like changing the ADA, this mod helps in doing so. Through this, the ADA gets better textures and overhaul in improving the graphical appearance of the character. You can change the ADA to Jenna, which is more peaceful and soothing to the eyes as well. Small changes do make for a mountainous transition in the gameplay of the game. 

Better ADA Portrait Mod
Better ADA Portrait Mod


The game feels comfortable for you? Well, try this mod out as it will elevate the overall gameplay to a whole new level. The difficulty increases substantially and you can do nothing to stop enemies coming from all angles and direction to take your life. Be prepared to fight off enemies in the worst possible manner and keep your tactics ready to defeat them in the highest possible setting of difficulty. 

Ultimate New Game plus Save

If you are looking for a maxed-out version of the character in the game? Then you can do so with this mod. The mod helps in starting a new game where you have all the attributes maxed out making you one of the most powerful characters in the game. 

Neutral LUT

The mod helps in getting the best out of colour textures in the game. No doubt, the colour gamete is unique, but for a more vivid yet practical look? Then this mod should do good for the game. 

Neutral LUT Mod
Neutral LUT Mod

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