Medicinal technology is evolving at a rapid scale, all thanks to the improvement in 21st-century technology. It’s become much safer to carry out complex operations through the help of robots and helping doctors save lives on a better scale. Though the computational power of computers has tripled in the past decade or so, there are specific applications out there that help in the elimination of any scan results to be printed by viewed all through the comfort of your mobile. 

FULL NAME:OsiriX for Windows

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What is OsiriX?

OsiriX is a mobile application that helps in viewing DICOM images in full resolution on the iOS platform. Through the application is free to use, it’s uses are quite beneficial. Users of the app can store, view, and even share DICOM images to the same application of a different user. 

All this works over a stable connection where any scans (MRI, CT scan, PET, ultrasound, etc.) undertaken are seamlessly connected to the phone, and the results are directly transferred to the connected device for compelling viewing. There is also an extensive DICOM network protocol supports as well, such as DICOMweb, C-STORE SCP, WADO, C-FIND SCU, C-GET SCU, C-MOVE SCU. 

The overall user interface is relatively easy to understand, and using the application is a breeze of a task. For greater convenience, the app also interprets DICOM images via mails for easy viewing and interpreting experience. To run the app on a computer, an emulator would be required. 

Key Features of OsiriX


Impressive User Interface

The entire user interface is designed to make the life of the user simpler. The icons are large and packed, filled with interactive action capabilities. There are zoom in and zoom out features as well. Also, there is a line measurement tool, and measuring od image data are seamlessly available. 

Feature-rich Application 

The application provides users with a preference setting for DICOM communication, JPEG/JPEG2000 support, multiplanar reconstruction, DICOM compliant listener, DICOM query, and retrieve. 

How to download and install it on PC

  • Download iPadian

We are going to use an iOS emulator for windows as there is no native application for the platform. You can use any other iOS emulator, and the procedure would slightly differ based on the software. Hence, download the installed for iPadian. 

  • Enter the Necessary Details

Once downloaded, open the installation package and install the emulator. Upon successful installation, open th  emulator and sign-in using your aAppleID and other information. 

  • Install the application

After finishing the logging in the procedure, head to the app store, and install the application onto the emulator.  Have fun using the app on the emulator based on your desired preference. 

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