Remaining anonymous online is crucial to protect the sensitive and personal information of a user. Some countries have a strict regime in viewing the data of their citizens on what they are doing. Though it seems stringent at first, bypassing these rules is quite tricky. 

FULL NAME:Orbot for Windows
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Despite having several applications that help in the protection of users’ anonymity online, not all are designed to provide seamless protection capabilities. But few of the application excel significantly in what it has to offer in the same domain, and we have one such application for you right here, especially when it comes to a browser. 

What is Orbot?

Orbot is a free proxy app that lets users remain anonymous in terms of maintaining their locations unknown to different sites and applications. It’s all thanks to the usage of Tor in encrypting traffic and bouncing the location off other servers to maintain its function. 

Despite being a free browser, it helps in bypassing network and system surveillance that would put a dent on your personal information and have the risk of being exposed. The application is available on all platforms such as Windows, Linus, Mac OS, and Android.  

In short, the application is a boon for those that wish not to share their information with the application, and there is no risk of regional ads or other threats affecting your online presence. 

The application being a browser provides an extensive set of features, but it’s all related to the privacy and protection of users. There is no additional add on or extensions—a simple and straightforward browsing platform.  

Download for Windows

Key Features of Orbot

Safe to Use

The browser doesn’t allow for any extensions to be added to its platform. It’s to retain anonymity and not allow third-party extensions to work on the forum—all part of its safeguarding initiative. 

Stay Connected

The browser helps the user in staying connected at all times. It helps in establishing only safe and secure connections to maintain the anonymous nature of the platform. 

Simple User Interface 

The browsers don’t have any additional addon or extensions enabled. It’s a pure and straightforward browser with its sole purpose to ensure a safe and anonymous browsing experience. 

How to Download and Install it on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the installation package

The application is available on its official website to be downloaded on any platform that you desire. Based on the operating version, download the installation package for the same. 

  • Install it

Once downloaded, open it. Setup the installation program and do as directed. Ensure that all the parameters are set, and it’s installed successfully. 

Upon successful installation, the browser should have a shortcut on the desktop for easy access, or the user can open it from the installation directory. 

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