Gaming consoles from the ’90s have their flair and interest. For all the Millenials reading this, then those thick, plastic boxes certainly rocked our boxy television sets filled with Mario, Contra, Sonic, and many such titles. 

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However, such games aren’t compatible with today’s modern tech, and it’s a hard time in finding physical consoles that would let you run such games. Though computers have emulators, they are primarily targeted towards one console and not all of them. Or are they?

What is OpenEmu?

As weird as the name sounds, the functionality of the software is quite different. Openemu is an emulator that lets users play all the retro games extensively on their computer systems. It’s the kindle of all retro games clustered in an organized manner that anyone can choose to play. 

All the 90’s consoles are emulated in the computer effortlessly without the need for any other software. The software enables users to use physical components of the computer, such as a keyboard, mouse, joystick, to control the game. 

But the only drawback would be the operating system it’s designed towards. Openemu is an emulator built explicitly for macOS. But if you wish to play the game on a Windows operating system, then emulation of macOS would be required. 

Download for Windows

Key Features of OpenEmu

Loads of Games Available

Due to the emulator’s open-source nature, the game is compatible with several retro gaming consoles and the games that it brings along. 

Multiple Controls and controllers

Controlling the games of the emulators is a simple task at most. There are options to either play the games from a Game controller connected via USB or through the keyboard. Thus, taking your gaming experience one step further. 

Huge Library

The library is where all the different games and console emulators are stored. It’s the place where users can find their respective games to choose and the saved data as well. All of which are organized in a particular format and designation. 

Automatic and quick saves 

Saving a game on consoles was never really an option. But on the emulator, it becomes a hassle-free process. Save the game in-between the gameplay and start from you left the game. There are so many games that you can play, and saving your progress in each of the games is a matter of clicks on the keyboard. 

3D and full screen

The emulator provides users with an extensive array of graphical options, all thanks to its Open Graphics Library (OpenGL). Games are much realistic and a bit better than what you would remember them for. Along with this, all the game splayed is emulated on a full screen without any drawbacks in performance, creating more a comfort zone. 

How to download and install it on PC

Download for Windows

To install Openemu is a straightforward process on a Mac. But on windows, it’s quite an extensive process. You would require a virtual box to emulate macOS on your windows operating system. And then launch it here and play the games that you wish. More like an emulation inception theme. But the time and effort that you put into it will be worth it at the end. 

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