Diving into the 21st century, the games have evolved beyond recognition. The graphics, gameplay and storyline have considerably improved. All thanks to the technological advancements made in the gaming sector that games are this powerful and almost takes up half a terabyte in size. 

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But slowing things down a bit and taking looking into the early 2000 era and games were trying to get as realistic as possible. Though the graphical power of computers wasn’t powerful enough, the story and gameplay covered up for the many flaws they possessed. Even the first-person shooting games had their fair share of popularity. But one game beats the odds and made a presence in the gaming world in offering an action-packed third-person game. We are talking about none other than Oni!!!

What is Oni?

Oni is a third-person shooting/action-packed game that was something different from the time it was released. Bungie West developed the game itself, and its initial release was in 2001. What makes the game interesting that hand-to-hand combat with the addition of guns and other actions packed scenes. This game is inspired by Ghost in the Shell and Akira for a similar genre. The entire setup of the game is based on a cyberpunk type of world.  

The game itself translates to “demon” or “ghost” in Japanese. When the players start the game, they are playing the role of Konoko, who is part of the Tech crime task force. The game slowly lets the user discover the dark fact about her past, where she finds the truth about her parent killing. Once she discovers the truth, strikes back hard at her parent’s assassinators. The game is quite adventurous and revenge-driven.

Download for Windows

Key features of Oni

Interesting Storyline 

Yes, you heard the right. The game packs quite a different storyline where a bitter truth can set the rage monster within you free. It’s a bit of emotional game and you can feel the emotions of the characters throughout the journey. Furthermore, the game gradually transforms itself as you complete levels into being subtle and straightforward in terms of gameplay. 

Great Architecture

The game shows the excellent composition of buildings, interiors, with a realistic layout. Every level is carefully designed to give the player the impression of realism. Every aspect of the game showcases a different point of view for the way it performs. Even the characters of the game are well detailed, with all customizations and differences significantly noticeable.  

Amazing Action 

To sum it up, the game offers an impressive manner of beating the s*** out of people. There are several combo movies in the format of a Tekken inspired theme. Lightning-fast punches and kicks with other moves to inflict more significant damage on your enemies. Also, there is an acrobatic display of moves bundled with machine guns, rocket launchers, assault rifles, and more. Playing the game in the first person isn’t a feasible option in the game. 

Minimum System Requirements 

The game is over 20 years old and still supports almost all formats of Windows. But to have a more in-depth insight on the minimum specifications, they are as follows. 

  • Operating system – Windows 98, 2000. 
  • RAM – 64 MB. 
  • Free storage space – 800 MB. 
  • Video card – ATI Rage Pro, ATI Rage 128, 3DFX Voodoo 2. 
  • CPU – Intel 266 MHz Pentium III processor or higher. 

How to Download and Install it on PC

Download for Windows
  • Download the Installation Package 

The game being pretty old, may/may not be hosted online. But search for the game and download it. It wouldn’t be the big of a file but is an ISO format. So download it. 

  • Install the Game

Once downloaded, open the ISO file. Extract the installer. Run the “.exe” file and follow the given set of on-screen instructions in the installation of the game. Ensure that all the steps are followed to make the game work. 

  • Launch the Game

After successful installation, launch the game from its desktop shortcut. 

NOTE – If the game doesn’t work on your computer, then you may require additional files that could be found online. But should work fine if the minimum specifications of running the game are met. 

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