Onet Deluxe Free is a superior take on the classic match pairing game. If you are looking to enhance your visual processing skills, then this is a must-play. A board is laid before you with illustrative tiles arranged in neat rows and columns. Your job is to clear the board by connecting three identical tiles through straight lines. Keep clearing the icons until nothing remains on the board. Remember to keep an eye out for the timer ticking on the top corner. It sounds simple but as you progress through the levels, it gets more and more challenging. It isn’t frustrating though because it provides you with plenty of brain exercise. Still not convinced? Read on to learn more about its features.

FULL NAME:Onet Deluxe

Key Features Of Onet Deluxe Free Version

Different Modes
Onet Deluxe caters to all your gameplay needs through different modes. If you want to just lie back or take a break from work, you can go to the aptly titled Leisure mode and play without a timer ticking at you. If you want to time yourself, then you can switch to Time mode. And if you are up for a serious challenge, then you can switch to either Challenge of Survival mode. They test your brain endurance and timing strategies rigorously.

Customisation Galore
Now, there are four icon packs and four colour themes you can choose from. This is a level up from the game’s boring predecessor. Choose what icon pack you prefer. It can depict animals, fresh fruits, cute monsters or all things Christmas. There are new themes to choose from which enhance the appeal of the game. They are dark, light, fresh and cool. You can save your game at any point and come back to it whenever you like. Progress made will never be lost by Onet Deluxe.

Free download Onet Deluxe APK for Android

Lead The Scoreboard
You can connect with players online and take charge of the leaderboard by way of your skills. Compete with friends and strangers alike for exciting rewards. Revel in the competitive environment that was otherwise absent from the standard Onet game.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10

CPU Processor: Intel x32, x64

RAM Memory: 25.7 MB

Available Storage Space: 132 MB

How To Download It On PC

It will be such an eye treat to play this game on the computer. Bigger board, bigger icons and double the fun. Don’t try looking up for a Windows version of it because it doesn’t exist. We know of a method that you can use to download it on your PC or Mac. The only thing you need is an Android Emulator like Bluestacks and you are good to go!

  1. Go to the official site of Bluestacks i.e. You can download the emulator directly from there.
  2. Bluestacks will launch on its own accord. Search its home screen for Play Store and click it open.
  3. To access the store, you will have to sign in first. After doing so, search for the app through the search bar.
  4. Download the game from the search results. After successfully downloading it, you simply have to click on the game icon to start connecting tiles across your PC screen.

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