Every game has its way of executing things, which may or may not be appreciated by the general public. No matter how perfect the game might be, fans would always want to change one or the game aspect by the inclusion of mods. 

FULL NAME:Oblivion Mod Manager

Having one or more mods may/may not affect the overall gameplay, but then if you have multiple mods in the game and are looking to manage them? Then we have a perfect solution for the same. 

What is the Oblivion Mod Manager?

As the name suggests, it’s a utility or software that helps manage mods for a game. No matter how many mods you might have for a game, the oblivion mod manager segregates all the mods required for that game and ensures that those mods are activated for that particular game. The manager is available only for the Windows platforms and also works for a select few other games. 

Key Features of Oblivion Mod Manager 

  • Simple to Use 

The mod manager is relatively straightforward in its usage and doesn’t require any external inputs to use it. Perfect for those that are just getting started in using mod managers. 

  • Understandable User Interface 

The user interface of the mod manager is discrete and easy to understand. Its user friendly without any complicated steps involved in adding mods into the game. Using the mod manager is simple without any hassles involved. 

Oblivion Mod Manager
Oblivion Mod Manager
  • Resourceful

The mod manager does a great job in the overall segregation of mods, ensuring that everything is managed adequately. It even has notifications showcasing if there are any errors in the working of the mods. 

How to Download and Install it on PC

  • Download the Installer

The installer for the mod manager is available on any third-party site that is still hosting it. Downland the latest version of the mod for your respective operating system.

  • Install it

Once downloaded, extract all the files onto your computer and then set up the installer. Choose the preferences and other options for the installer to execute. Start the installer and let it install the mod manager.  

Upon successful installation, users can access the mod manager either through the shortcut on the desktop or through the directory where the mod manager has been installed. 

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