Before we dive deeper into the mod, let’s talk a bit about the game. For those of you wanted a simulation of underwater scenes and have a comprehensive look at how things underwater are? Then Sub Nautica is the game for you. Though it’s still in development phases, it looks quite promising indeed. 

The game revolves around the users to explore an alien planet where things aren’t the same. It’s an underwater simulation game where you have to take care of almost everything. From the vessel you are ion, to undertaking missions and hunt for food, it’s quite a compelling game indeed. 

The game was developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. It is available for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, play station four and macOS. The game was released in 2018. 

Nitrox Mod for Subnautica

Nitrox Mod for Subnautica
Nitrox Mod for Subnautica

Mods are modifications that one can implement in the game to either alter things or make them as enjoyable as possible. These are little or significant overhauls made to the game made by fans in getting that personalization factor in check. 

The nitrox mod is quite intuitive and exciting at the same time. It’s a mod that adds in a lot of changes to the games. Though it might be smaller changes, the overall objective of this mod is to provide a boost to the way the game responds and interacts with the player. 

Al the changes that you can expect from this mog are given as follows. 

  • Updates for the latest version of sub-Nautica. 
  • Improvement in the launcher version of check logic. 
  • Neptune rocket sync addition. 
  • Addition of teleporter and precursor key terminal. 
  • Correction of incorrect transmission of game mode. 
  • Nlog framework logging. 
  • While using list command, fixed the incorrect display of users. 
  • Removed the error message from the RPG tests. 
  • Screenshot saving support. 
  • Inventory wipe from the closure of game prevented. 

While this is just one type of nitrox mode, there is one more that helps in establishing a multiplayer area within the game. It’s quite helpful when you are trying to accomplish any co-op mission in the game with an integrated chat system and harmony as well. 

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