They say a cat has nine lives but in Nirvana, a human has them too. A deeply poignant game about learning from your mistakes, Nirvana is a life simulator that is sure to leave an impact on your mind. Its storyline may sound simple; you are an average human being living on the planet. The way to progress is to make successful transitions through all the stages of life. Death seems like the end but in Nirvana, it is really a beginning. You are born again to learn important life lessons you missed out in your former life. And the cycle keeps continuing until you have reached the pinnacle of enlightenment i.e. nirvana. It is a beautiful game that emphasises on the philosophies of life. With Nirvana, you will never feel the same about life again.

FULL NAME:Nirvana Game
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Key Features Of Nirvana Game

Choose Your Path
A bunch of cards are laid out on the table. It is upto you to decide which path you will tread on. Every time you resurface on Earth, those cards will shuffle. They will mould you into a rockstar, a wizard, an assassin and even a super hero. Be careful about what choices you male. Too much of joy and you will become greedy whereas too little of it will lead you into pits of sorrow.

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Build A Life
You have 750 years on Earth. Make sure every lifetime enriches the planet. Leave the world a better place, whether by a socially redeemed condition, a family or a healthy plant. At the end of it all, your legacy is defined by your creations.

Make Friends
Nirvana is all about how you go through life. Friends are a relevant part of it so it is natural that you encounter different faces along the way. Some will drag you down while some will raise you up. Whatever the curveballs that come your way, it is your duty to get back to your feet instantly.  Let others’ words rub onto your personality development. Watch yourself become better with every chance at a new life.

How To Download It On PC

There are plenty of reasons why you should be playing this game on PC. Firstly, to appreciate the wholesome meaning behind the game, you need a bigger window. Secondly, there are additional features on the desktop version that you won’t otherwise find on your mobile app. You need to savour them. To help you do so, android emulators are your go-to devices. They run mobile apps at six times the power of even the most advanced android phone. Let us see how we can use them for our benefit shall we?

Using Bluestacks

  1. The first emulator we will use can be downloaded easily from the site
  2. Complete the Google sign-in to access the Play Store pre-installed in it. You can do it later as well.
  3. Look up Nirvana in the search bar at the top right corner. When you find it, click it to start download.
  4. Nirvana’s game icon will be found in the home screen. Simply click it to start playing.
Download for Windows

Using NoxPlayer

  1. The second emulator, called Nox, can be downloaded from the site
  2. To access its Play Store, you have to sign into Google.
  3. Now using the search bar, look for your game. Tap it to begin installation.
  4. Lo and behold! Your game can now be played on your computer

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